Speak Out: DE Turf meeting canceled

A controversial measure that would have established a lodging tax in Kent County and directed the proceeds to the DE Turf sports complex has been pulled back.

Sen. Trey Paradee, D-Dover, announced Thursday afternoon he would ask Levy Court to delay a planned hearing on the tax set for Tuesday. A few hours later, the county said the committee meeting has been officially canceled.

• This tax going to a private company is ridiculous! If this passes, be ready for other — Cheri Zatko-Coseglia

• Read and understand the legislation. This tax is imposed to out-of-state people who come to visit the area. The money goes to the turf to keep building a better Delaware for our children. It has no effect on people from Delaware. Would you rather them keep building Dollar Generals on every farm field? People are so quick to complain without reading or finding out the facts. — Andrew Walls

• You left out the fact that Trey Pardee introduced and backed the legislation that benefits his brother but he left that part out also. Some of the other legislators have said they felt like they had the wool pulled over their eyes. — Wayne Whitby

• The turf is a private owned and profitable company. So why create a tax to give them more? And I may not stay in Kent County hotel rooms, but family members may when they visit for weddings, funerals, graduations, visits etc. — Bob Hice

• For me the problem isn’t the tax. It is that it’s proposed to benefit one location, one nonprofit only. There are others who would benefit from this. First State BMX is a totally different nonprofit organization located just 10 minutes from the Turf complex. Also located in Kent County, yet receives zero help from this tax. It has at least four large races a year that bring out-of-town racers, many of which stay locally. It has the opportunity to bring a national race which would bring thousands each year but without help from the state, it doesn’t happen. This is a place 100% run by volunteers. No one takes home a paycheck! Why should one location benefit over another when they are both in essentially the same category? — Kime Rutledge Hill

• Does the BMX park bring in hundreds of people every weekend? Do those people stay at hotels in the area, eat at restaurants? DE Turf can host a variety of events with a much larger amount of money coming in the state. The BMX park cannot. — Linda Marshall

• Elected officials must always avoid nepotism and even the appearance of nepotism. Also, bills should not be rushed through like this in the last hours of the legislative session, with lawmakers having little if any time to read or debate them, and the public having no opportunity to weigh in on them. — Eric Morrison

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