Speak Out: Delaware anti-business?

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Delaware State Sen. Ernie Lopez and Rep. Bryan Shupe headlined “Delaware pushing business over state lines” in which they wrote “Unfortunately, Delaware’s restrictive anti-business laws have caught up to the brewing industry. Recently, Iron Hill Brewing announced that it will open a production brewery over the state line in Exton, Pennsylvania. This facility could create as many as 100 jobs, or more, if Iron Hill enjoys the same success in retail stores that they have in their fantastic brewpubs.”

• Democrat-controlled states are not for the little man they are for big companies. Big companies put lots of money into their pockets. — Travis Rust

• Not surprised. Democrats are anti-capitalist and only believe in imposing more and more taxes and laws on them. We have become a mini California. — Doug Poore

• Out of state lobbying should be illegal, and the punishment severe. — Tom Small

• The decline in Delaware is obvious and has been on a steady decline for 20-plus years. In the state of Delaware in 2001 the following companies employed the following amount of Delaware residents.

  1. DuPont – 12,980
  2. MBNA – 10,500
  3. Chrysler – 3,200
  4. AstraZeneca – 2,700
  5. GM – 2,037
  6. Sears – 2,000
  7. Dade Behring – 1,285
  8. Hercules – 1,250
  9. WL Gore – 828

Just those nine companies alone employed 36,780 Delaware residents with solid, good paying jobs. All are long gone, and the Delaware Democrats have done absolutely nothing to attract any new business to the state. Instead they only focus on keeping their pockets and state checkbooks full by taking more from us no matter how it hurts the citizens. Keep voting left if you’re happy with these results. — Marc Auger

• It’s plain to see that Delaware Democrats hate business and will do all they can to prevent them. Democrats have controlled Delaware for decades and look what we have. — Jeffrey Dixon

 • All Delaware Democrats know how to do is raise taxes and lose jobs. — Citzen Soldier

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