Speak Out: Delaware Democratic Party

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Jesse Chadderdon and Travis Williams of the Delaware Democratic Party headlined “Delaware Democrats prepping for 2020 with diversity and outreach.”

•Yeah, lets just pick one of every group the Democrats represent and place them some where. Then we can vet someone like the last president or AOC who know nothing. — John Greene

•The Dems have been nothing but a party of destruction for years. Riots in the street, attacks on white people, abortion, basically ripping up the Constitution, voting away Electoral College, treason and don’t get me started on the Clintons. The Democratic party as become the Anti-American party and people are starting to see it. — Chris Martin

•They cherry pick parts of the Constitution that work for them. They ignore the rest. They are pandering for votes by promising things they can’t and won’t deliver on again? That’s a great strategy. — Mark Schmalhofer

•Delaware Republicans put their best candidates on the ballot: Scott Walker, Christine O’Donnell etc … LMAO. — Cathy Austin

•As the Democrats continue to alienate the majority by pandering to each and every minority. — Bob Hice

• The Republican party needs to step it up. They have done a terrible job in Delaware the past few election cycles. The first thing they should do is drop Trump from their platform. He only serves to divide and turn off voters. — Jim Kelley

• To hear these two talk, you might think it was a new political party, one we have never heard of. I suggest you two wake up, smell the coffee. and get to cleaning your house. it is filthy. —

• What have Democrats done for anyone other than tax and waste, pass senseless legislation and restrict rights? I used to be a Democrat. It will be a long time before I ever vote for another. Nationally they are a disgrace. — Citizen Soldier

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