Speak Out: Delaware gun legislation

Readers recently reacted to a Commentary by Joanne Cabry headlined “Gun legislation is up to Delaware Democratic leaders” wherein she cites the results “of professionally conducted polls that show a large majority of Americans, including Delawareans, want bans on assault weapons and large-capacity magazine clips.”

• Assault rifles are already and have been banned.

Up to Delaware leaders? Let me remind folks, the 2A says the right to own and bear arms ‘Shall not be infringed.” The state of Delaware is one of a few states that has a similar Constitution. What don’t they understand about that?

I have not seen any poll that indicates the majority of
Delawareans support gun control. Liberals yes but a lot of Democrats own firearms as well and support the 2A.

Cities/states with the most gun control have the highest murder rates.Talk like this is what cause more and more people to go out and buy guns and stock up on ammo. I did it. — Bob Hice

• Where was this poll taken ? I live in New Castle and was not aware of one taking place. Was it a secret poll or just just for a select few? — Glenn Kayea

• How much will a ban on clips holding over 15 rounds help? I have a rifle that came with a clip that holds 16. Will I have to give that up? Will the government pay to make it legal? What are they considering assault rifles?

I don’t think the 99.99% of law-abiding citizens should be punished like this because less then 0.01% of people go crazy and shoot up a public event. — Cortney Fisher

• Why stop there? How about banning any kind of personal weapons? Then we can turn into Mexico where only gangs and other criminals have guns. What is a assault weapon anyway? Anything can be turned into an assault weapon. — Alex Fowler

•Agreed. Even a knife can be used as an assault weapon. Will we become the first nation to ban knives? People will have to start picking their meat, veggies, and fruits up with their hands to eat. — Guy Fowler

• “Why would any lawmaker oppose legislation that may stop a massacre in Delaware and help move us closer to federal legislation?” Well, it may temporarily stop a massacre, but it definitely would punish thousands of honest law-abiding citizens. Why don’t we restrict cars to not go over 55 mph? This definitely would save lives.

Why don’t we require cell phones to be automatically disabled when in a moving vehicle? This would save far more lives every year than the proposed gun legislation.

Why don’t the police conduct stop and frisk and door-to-door searches for weapons and drugs? This would save far more lives than the proposed gun legislation. We don’t do these things in America (for now) because we have a Constitution that limits government excess and protects personal freedoms. — Jim Price

• In every mass shooting we are talking about, it took a gun to stop the gun from killing more. — Jay Pratt

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