Speak Out: Delaware litter campaign

Gov. John Carney is on a mission: He wants to keep the First State litter free. The governor kicked off the new clean-up campaign Tuesday at the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand.

• I am always appalled by the amount of litter in Delaware. It really is a reflection of a person’s self-respect if they’re just going to throw trash out of the window of a car. If they don’t have any more respect for the environment around them, I can’t imagine they have much respect for themselves or any other person around them. It just blows my mind. I remember the commercials from the ‘70s regarding litter. — Tracey Miller

• Bad enough that folks toss their stuff out on the back roads rather than going to the dump. Time to raise the fine for the first violation to $1,000 or the loss of the driver’s license for 90 days! — Howard Gaines

•I saw a guy at Wawa the other day throw trash on the ground when the trash can was like 10 seconds from him. Oh and also the trash I see near me like the sofas and huge bags of random stuff on the side of the roads. Really sad. — Jessie Rosamond

• Interesting that trash seems to be so much more prevalent along the roads in Delaware. Sad that people have no more concern than to dispose of their garbage, rubbish and leftovers wherever they wish. — Dave Bonar

• As a cyclist, I see it up close — and at a slower speed. The roadside ditches are full of trash. I’ve never understood how one could just throw paper and plastic trash out of a vehicle. Cigarette butts are no better! — John Filicicchia

• There’s a stormwater drainage ditch near my house that regularly gets loaded up with plastic bottles. This goes back to parenting in my view. I was always taught to never throw trash on the ground and I never have. — Mark Schmalhofer

• The entire state needs to be cleaned up, not just Milford. Prisoners should be out all day/every day picking it up. — Lisa Garber

• This year is the worst I’ve seen for trash along our roadways! It certainly doesn’t represent us in a very good light. Yesterday I saw grass cutting crews on 13 in the MOT area so now all that trash is in a million little pieces. — Gere Durkin

• Governor, if you’re serious, then here’s a suggestion I’ve offered your last two predecessors: establish public dumping stations. Presently, the only place bulk trash can be dumped is at contractor run facilities with limited access. Certainly our tax monies fund current operations as well as most public trash pickup – “most” being the operative word. They, however, refuse DIY construction waste, commodes, sinks, carpets and tires.

Placing construction size dump skids inside small fenced/gated sites with the hours controlled by DelDOT would relieve most trash dumpers. Currently, they resort to riding back roads and tossing them in ditches or trespassing on private woodlands and fields to dump them. Birds never foul their own nests. The tax money is already there and available. — George Roof

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