Speak Out: Delaware test results

Delaware’s standardized test scores saw little change from 2018 but are mostly trending upward since the launch of the Smarter Balanced Assessment in 2015. Despite that, little more than half the students in grades three through eight tested as proficient in the English language arts section, while fewer than 50 percent of test-takers were found to be at grade level in math in 2019, according to data released by the state Thursday.

Scores for the SAT, which 11th-graders take instead of Smarter Balanced, found a majority of students fell short in the three subject areas.

•Get rid of common core math and grades will be better. — Junior Short

• When you complicate how you teach math, it’s no wonder kids don’t comprehend it. — Lynn Lloyd

• Get out of the edutainment industry. — Sharon Lee Ponsell

• Government in action people. — Aaron Mobley

• Get rid of the standardized testing. — Christine Hermes

• Will the recent tax increases help? — Bob D Hartman

• Teachers cannot teach anymore. They are social workers and behavior analysts. — Jami Lynn Murrell-Rexrode

• Everyone gets a trophy and so sad everyone is allowed to make the grade without the ability or effort. — Penny Coon

• Shame the school systems aren’t evolving and adapting. We are still teaching and testing the kids the same way we did 30 years ago. Education in schools these days is a joke. When are they going to realize how inefficient these standardized tests are and how drastically the world is changing around them and how far behind the curve American kids are these days? You’ve dumbed down and equaled the playing field and that clearly hasn’t worked. — Christopher Joyce

•Actually you are so far wrong on this statement. The teaching methods have changed so dramatically that our kids have to solve a math problem such as 12 times 12 in 10 steps to prove their answers instead of basic memorization. — Stephanie Burton

• I believe that part of the problem is that we are failing to teach children how to think (analyze, comprehend, calculate, assess, etc.). When it comes to math, there should not be a “right way” to do something. If a child can take a math problem, reach the correct answer and clearly show how they arrived at that answer. They shouldn’t be penalized because they didn’t do it a specific way. — Brian P Slattery

• Wait, maybe we can throw more money at the problem. It may not work, but the teachers union will vote for us. — Bob Skuse

• Lots of comments about teachers, schools, taxes, but no mention of what role parents play. Demand good grades, 100% effort, reward when it’s due and stop being a friend and actually parent your kids! — Andrew Dale

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