Speak Out: Denying green cards

The Trump administration announced Monday that it is moving ahead with one of its most aggressive steps to restrict legal immigration, denying green cards to many immigrants who use Medicaid, food stamps, housing vouchers or other forms of public assistance.

Federal law already requires those seeking green cards and legal status to prove they will not be a burden to the U.S. — a “public charge” —but the new rules detail a broader range of programs that could disqualify them.

• Why don’t we deny food stamps for immigrants. — Joshua Miller

• Why don’t we treat human beings like human beings? — Benjamin Black

• Of course. But if I break into your house with kids, are you going to feed us? I’m nowhere near on the right but common sense is when I bust my butt six days a week to just get by. Why in the world should a family from another country come to America and eat for free? — Joshua Miller

• Human beings know they need to get a job and work. Most people on food stamps make it a lifetime career and it’s hurting our country. It’s not about being human, it’s about not being lazy. Immigration is about coming to a new country to be a part of that country, learn the language, make a living, not try to change it to the country you came from. Not to disrespect it. — Debra Meinhardt Petro

•You do realize that California pays more in taxes than it receives in federal dollars. Which means it is subsidizing other states where they have more people in government-subsidized programs. Like say Kentucky, West Virginia or South Carolina. You know, Republican controlled states. — Dennis Norwood

• Why is any immigrant, legal or not, receiving any benefits? With our current debt, America cannot afford to be the world’s charity organization. Glad to see this administration ending this excess waste of our tax dollars! — Marc Auger

• The whole idea of immigration is to come here legally. Part of that is to have a sponsor and job ready when they come here. Our country is not a support system for the rest of the world. Obviously we want people to be motivated to work and support themselves. That is the initiative behind Trump’s plan. This benefits our whole country to be able to grow, prosper and help those who truly find themselves in need of help. It is not a support lifeline. Many who are against Trump’s policies are the ones sucking off the system. People need to learn economics and the basics facts of survival. We cannot feed and take in the whole world! — Lisa Garber

• So let’s open the borders to everyone in the world and give them all food stamps. Dems are going to kill this country, and there hatred for Trump has blinded them from reality. — Jack Jordan

• I’d encourage you to do some reading about generational poverty, and how difficult it actually is in America, especially these days, to be upwardly mobile economically. The “rags to riches” American narrative is largely a fairy tale. — Eric Morrison

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