Speak Out: Development workshops

Two workshops are likely to have a significant impact on the future development of both Little Heaven and the area south of Frederica.

The workshops are the latest in a series of meetings that are part of a master planning process for the two areas pinned to Kent County’s comprehensive plan published last year.

Both held at the Kent County Administrative Complex at 555 Bay Road in Dover, the meeting that was held Wedneday focused on Little Heaven, and the meeting on Sept. 9 at 6;30 p.m. will hold discussion on south Frederica.

• Of course. Build on every inch. That’s all Delaware knows how to do. — Cindy West

• A state is either improving or declining. Ten years ago, this state had a lot more vacant homes, half-finished homes abandoned by bankrupt builders and a ridiculous amount of foreclosures. The state is crippled by the opioid crisis and has been for over a decade and the addicts, mentally ill and homeless (many of them native Delawareans) are largely ignored by most of those in state government making their survival primarily dependent on local volunteer efforts.

That being said, I still love this state, even more than I did when I first moved here from Pennsylvania over 10 years ago, but it was on the sharp decline when I first arrived and hasn’t really been doing all that much to improve until the last couple of years. Finally, they are ripping down some of the old dilapidated homes and stores and replacing them with nice places. There is new construction and an upgrade in some of the schools. I wish we didn’t lose any farmland for development, but I can’t control if a farmer wants to sell their land. I live in Frederica. I don’t want to see it turned into one big strip mall/business center/sports complex, but it does need some improvement and that is why they are asking for the community to be a part of the planning. Change is inevitable, you may as well be a positive part of it instead of complaining on Facebook about it. — Melissa Mann

• Sad. Just one more reason to move. — Dana Watford Kavanagh

• Ridiculious. But does not matter what the people want or don’t want. — Linda Deaton

• Don’t turn it into New Castle County. If they are going to bring to jobs bring something in that is decent pay so someone can afford to buy a house and live comfortably. Don’t need more stores or restaurants. — Trea Taylor

• Everyone who doesn’t want this needs to attend the workshops. Put up or shut up. — Holly Overmyer

• Except these workshops are when people are working. I know when they started building the Route 1 bypass, the state threatened to tear down our development which meant we would lose our home unless we moved the home at our expense. So now it’s being threatened again our development will be shut down. — Mandi Mendoza

• Keep industrial development where locations have already been allocated and leave the rural/farm communities alone! Next thing we know, Delaware will look like Long Island! — Karen Whitaker

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