Speak Out: DHSS split?

At the end of June, the Delaware General Assembly approved a resolution establishing a task force to review the Department of Health and Social Services and whether Delawareans would be better served by splitting it into several autonomous units.

• The obvious first cut would be to bifurcate the Department into two parts: The Department of Social Services and the Department of Public Health. Now, break up the divisions according to their function: public health vs. social services. There, easy. Now comes the real challenge. All of the subdivision components. Some may fit nicely but some may not fit at all in either of the new departments. The committee must take a global view and not be afraid to look outside the box. Hope the committee will not be packed with the usual suspects, but some outside people that will take a fresh view of things. — Will Garfinkel

•This task force needs to keep in mind that breaking apart something that has been functioning together is an inherently risk-laden proposition. Cost may go significantly up as service delivery goes down. Most reorganizations take years to mature. I would encourage the task force sub groups to become very familiar with the wide range of improvement projects already underway for DHSS under the umbrella of the the Government Efficiency and Accountability Review Board (GEAR). — Bill Bowden

No we don’t need more government. It sounds like some politician has a relative who needs a fat cat ($100,000-plus) job running an agency. Move on and do something important like reducing taxes please. — Timmy Harmon

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