Speak Out: Disavowing flag

Readers reacted to a recent commentary headlined “Liberals disavow American flag at their own peril.”

• Title 4 Flag code Chapter 1, Section 8 can give the rundown on how the flag should be displayed. Kaepernick has only the relevance that conservatives give him. Stop melting down and ignore him. He is nothing but yesterday’s news and should have never been on any news. — Brandon Scott Albro

• Kaepernick is not against our flag as a national symbol. He pointed out however that the Betsy Ross flag had been corrupted by nationalist, racist and white supremacist groups as their symbol. Nike would never have removed the symbol so quickly if their own investigation into the allegations didn’t prove otherwise. Keep it real folks. — Joe Bernard

• I wish this guy was as worried about the U.S. keeping people in concentration camps as he is about whether anyone wears a flag pin. — Steve Caporiccio

• The funny thing is that you are going to be seeing a lot more of the Betsy Ross flag as other manufacturers jump on this to make money on the backlash. Facebook is now full of ads for these items and even firearm manufacturers are laser engraving the 13 stars and 1776 on their products. — Jim Price

Republic’s decline

Readers reacted to a recent commentary headlined “The steady decline of our nation’s republic”

• Our forefathers were clear about a separation of church and state. I don’t agree that America (we) made a terrible mistake in 2008. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but I disagree.— Linda Hill

• Many people came to the USA when it was new because they were being persecuted because of their religious choice. This country was founded as a place where all religions were welcome. Some of founding fathers and writers of the Constitution were not religious. Many people are not going to church because they feel that Evangelicals are in it for the money. Mansions, private jets, high-style living.

Yes, I have read the Bible and I don’t remember reading about the huge richly appointed mansion that Jesus lived in. Many non-Christians are actually more like Jesus than a lot of those who call themselves Christian. Many live by the Golden Rule. Now, too many Christians want to turn the USA into a Christian nation. The founding fathers didn’t want that. People came here to get away from a one religion country. — Gladys K. Adams

• It always amazes me how people can seem perfectly reasonable and still come to the most outlandish conclusions. “History should show that America made a terrible mistake in 2008.” History shows nothing of the kind. — William Mazzariello

• Please tell me one thing good that has come out of the Trump government. —Timmy Harmon

• Haven’t you been reading the propaganda? This administration singlehandedly caused the stock market surge, lowered unemployment, rebuilt our armed forces, have taken care of all of our military veterans, prevented war and denuclearized North Korea, and will establish peace in the Middle East very soon. They’re legends in their own minds. (Please note extreme sarcasm) — Brian P Slattery

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