Speak Out: Discrimination lawsuit

Readers respond to an Oct. 24 Delaware State News story about a veteran Dover police officer claiming to be a victim of racial discrimination during the city of Dover’s last search for a police chief.

Capt. David Spicer, who is white, claims he was unfairly passed over when the city promoted Marvin Mailey, who is black, in 2017. He has filed a federal lawsuit against a host of past and present officials.

•The Delaware way!!!! — Bonnie Millman

•Definitely doesn’t sound good. — Samantha Hemphill

•After being shot in the line of duty he came back and has served our community. One of Dover’s finest! — Susan Hudson

•smh nothing to see here besides a grown man crying over not getting a promotion. it’s sad that he claim racial discrimination in his lawsuit. I also don’t believe him working on the force for 22 years or him being shot and return to work should be the reasons he should have got the job. — Stanley M. Jackson

•I hope you’re curious enough to read the article that includes the complaint. It’s eye opening! You’ll also see that Capt Spicer has bachelor’s and master’s degrees, FBI certification and excellent work ethic & references. You might not like that he filed a suit but that’s not a reason to belittle his training or service. — Susan Hudson

•Again was any of us in the interview room? Is plenty of factors that could have played a role. — Stanley M. Jackson

•Could be and it could be discrimination. Justice system will determine. — Susan Hudson

•Hope he wins. — Allen Cramer

•It can go both ways….discrimination just doesnt happen to blacks and hispanics…..truth is hard to swallow but it does happen….— Christopher Dunion

• Everyone knows only white people can be racists. At least that’s what the liberal media tells us daily — Jon Walczak

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