Speak Out: ‘Distaste for immigrants’

Readers reacted to a recent letter by Bill Clemens where he discussed what he perceives as the administration’s ‘distaste for immigrants’.”

• I call BS on someone who thinks it’s OK that there are Americans “who lack the basics,” therefore we are unable to provide aid to those who come to us legally, for asylum. We need to be sure that the basic needs of all humans are met. How is it OK that there is human suffering anywhere that can be helped? We are a nation of immigrants. How is it that some of you so easily forget that? There is a statue in New York harbor that contains the welcoming message, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” What has happened to this country? Some of us have turned into bitter, hateful, selfish people who can’t seem to see what ‘being Christian’ means. This has nothing to do with propaganda. It has everything to do with treating others as we would wish to be treated ourselves. This is not a difficult concept — Janet Orlando

• I wish people would put that much energy into caring about what is happening on our own streets.. and the massive amounts of homeless people we have. — Faye Z. Wing

• Thank you Mr. Clemens for demonstrating the compassion that used to be an American value. Shame on the U.S. for what it is doing to those people who have come here seeking refuge. — Don Peterson

• So in your mind we should just open the borders to anybody wanting to come here and leech of our system? Refugees? Do you know how many of those “refugees” are MS 13 members, criminals, formerly deported criminals and now also people from African nations? If they want refuge they can stay in Mexico, the first country they are coming to. I for one am sick of my tax dollars going towards invaders. No other country (besides Europe and they are regretting it) are letting people just walk in and take over. —Alex Fowler

• Gotta love a liberal. They can take any issue, any point and twist it into whatever they need it to be. They “preach” about what America used to be, while making every possible effort to change it. For example: In the discussion regarding immigration, libs always want to talk about how America “used” to welcome immigrants but now, we seem to be pushing them away. On the surface, that seems a legitimate argument. We are trying to slow the migration. We are trying to secure our borders, so as to halt the constant flow. But, looking past things, the lib wants us to see, it becomes clear, they are only speaking out of half their face. Where is the reverence for the way we used to receive and accept immigrants? For the hurdles placed, purposely, in front of those migrants?

To be sure, we are still a nation accepting migrants in this manner. According to some of the latest statistics, we are processing more than 1 million legal immigrants every year. How can a lib suggest we are turning immigrants away, when in fact we are processing more than the population of Delaware, every year? Because they tell lies and half truths. One side of the story. — Dennis Mehrenberg

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