Speak Out: DOJ seeking increase

The Delaware Department of Justice is seeking about $3 million more, including 17 additional positions, for the upcoming fiscal year, Attorney General Kathy Jennings told budget officials Wednesday.

The Office of Management and Budget is currently in the midst of the annual fall budget hearings, where about 30 state agencies and organizations present their asks for the fiscal year beginning July 1.

• How about reducing taxes and increased fees first? — Jon Walczak

• I guess the homeless won’t mind if the DOJ doesn’t share. — Jayne Muchler Dick

• Maybe you should take some of that money and investigate what is going on with EZPass or is this another way of the state taking advantage of the little people? — Faye Wing

• So we are gonna cut spending elsewhere? — Aaron Mobley

• I’ve got a better idea. Use that money to house the criminals instead of cutting them loose. — Stephen Jackson

• Build more prisons so you can stop letting people go because there is no room in the current prisons. — John Barnes

• How about we review and see how much money and how many resources have been spent and wasted on her personal agenda lawsuits pursuing all of these out-of-state cases and all of the opposition to the Trump administration lawsuits? Based on her record to date, it doesn’t seem that they are serving the best interest of Delaware at all and now she wants to expand? — Marc Auger

• That’s a lot of money to just release people back to the streets. — Tom Small

• How about no! I wouldn’t give a dime extra to a department that is making our communities less safe. — Clint Brothers

• I thought about moving to another state. But I began to think about it. and why? I have a front row seat to the downfall of Delaware. Vote Democrat they said. We will fix the problems in the justice system we will bring jobs to Delaware, we will build better roads they said We will solve the problems the state faces.

Same problems created by the Democrats, the roads have buckles and bumps in them. The state’s justice system has only gotten worse. Amazon never did move their HQ2 here as the Democrats tried to convince you they would. The state has more people on welfare, more drug addicts and now the AG wants a treat for the trick for releasing repeat offenders and flight risks back on the streets before the ink on the police reports has had a chance to dry. She and the Democrats have pulled the biggest fleecing on the people. And Delaware seems to keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. — Earl Lofland

• Social Security needs an increase bigger than 1.2% when inflation in Delaware is 8% above average. — R Tamer Peel

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