Speak Out: Dover business booming

A Monday story reported that these are exciting times to be doing business in the city of Dover — certainly for the 27 projects that are currently active, 10 in the process of being approved and another 11 still in the discussion stages.

Among the 11 business prospects that the city is involved in discussions with but are not yet fully developed are a Cracker Barrel restaurant, a family entertainment center, a brewpub off the highway and an outpatient/preventive medicine service downtown.

• With all the traffic issues in Delaware, a train service from Wilmington, Middletown, Dover, Milford and Rehoboth seems like a solution that needs to be looked into. — Steve Weston

•Some good news. It’s a shame we are the capital of the state and there is more up north and down south. It’s about time we make Dover great again. We don’t need 25 drug stores and five McDonald’s within five minutes of each other. Bring us something good. — Dee Morris-Fields

• We need a good grocery store like Shop-Rite or Wegman’s. — Doreen Brown

• Shop-Rite could have gone in the old Metro or Value City buildings to build up. We don’t need another dollar store. — Melissa Jeter

• I’m waiting for Golden Corral. — Linda Formelio

• Golden Corral failed twice before in Dover. Years ago, there was one next to McDonald’s on Route 13 (nobody ever remembers that one, they only remember the one that was where Greene Turtle is now). — Susan Powell Collins

• So much growth under the Trump administration. Don’t forget to vote for Trump in 2020. The stock market will crash if a Democrat is elected. — Ryan Fenimore

• Please bring Trader Joe’s to Dover! — Carole Fleetwood Baker

• We really need that entertainment center! Please come with that sooner than later! — Sherry White

• Too bad they arent building up Milford. We are right between the beach and Dover so it would attract everyone. — Kris Vathes

• I’m happy they are looking to bring places where you can do things because that is my biggest complaint. There’s just nothing to do. My boyfriend and I end up doing day trips to other cities because otherwise we just sit around. I think bringing in a passenger train would be a fantastic idea and I hope that comes through. — Nicole Worthley

• When are they going to start working on decent-paying jobs coming to Dover? Most all them jobs are low paying. It doesn’t help the young growing working class. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• What about family entertainment?! Dover has at least five McDonald’s, Dollar Tree, fitness gyms and now Starbucks. I think we also have a variety of restaurants, but there’s hardly anything to do. The skating rink tries hard to manage different events for everyone and Club Kids has been gone years. While I’m at it, can we try harder to keep stores in our mall? What about an Apple store? I saw a wonderful workshop for kids/camps while in Christiana. These are just some thoughts that come to mind. I don’t know if they’re able to work. Shop-Rite sounds nice and parking downtown is bad as well. — SaTyra Baker

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