Speak Out: Dover Mall idles

Talk about an ambitious project that would renovate Dover Mall has tapered off.

“There has been no action and no discussion for months now on that project,” said Dover planning director Dave Hugg. “It was kind of hot and heavy about a year ago, but now I can’t even remember the last time we talked to anyone about the power center or the notion of an access road.”

• It’s a dead mall basically. Bring in some new stores and get the old building running like it used to be, then think about expansion. — August Pierce

• Online shopping is killing the Dover Mall. — Chris L Taylor

• Dover is killing Dover Mall. Christiana Mall is thriving despite online shopping. — Davida Benson

• Waste of time. There are no good stores that appeal to the primary market in the area — college students. Students say the mall is boring. There are 5,000 18- to 24-year -olds directly across the street and you can barely find 15 in the mall at the same time. A business owner also told me that their rents are very very high, too high to bring good and appealing stores to this area. — Lici Aline

• The Dover economy is not what it is up in New Castle County. People have less income downstate, not saying everyone as a whole. Kent County does not bring in the money like it does up north like Christiana Mall does. The Dover Mall would flop just like the Blue Hen Mall did. — Paul Benoit

• I know people who travel from Dover to the Christiana Mall. I know of no one coming the other way. And the mall will continue to decline as central Dover reinvigorates its commercial business area. The Dover Mall is the next Blue Hen Mall. — Jeffrey Boyer

• Dover (or surrounding areas like Camden) needs something like Main Event and/or SkyZone. Christiana is always packed so we can’t blame just online shopping. The Dover Mall is boring, nothing for kids to do. Even the movie theater needs some serious upgrading. I much rather go to Westtown or Cinemark. Expanding now without innovation will be a waste of money. — Georgette Cabrera

• I don’t know why it’s so hard to figure out what is needed. Dover Mall needs a big attraction like a Main Event or a Dave and Buster’s. Then add stores that would attract young adults — Lush, Sephora, and H&M, add high-end restaurants P.F. Chang’s, Cheesecake Factory, a Brazilian Buffet. — Linda Lisa Marquez Persaud

• Until they can bring in relevant stores, and keep them there, renovation is a waste. With all the dead space, it’s no wonder rent is so high. — Ashley Carter

• I still think they should connect the mall parking lot behind Sears to Dover Downs then connect on the south side to Plaza Drive. This gives easy access to Route 1 without the millions for the proposed road. Do that first! Then revamp existing structure to accommodate more stores. Once all that is finished and sustainable, then look to expand. — Lisa Bell

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