Speak Out: Dover parking

Dover City Planner Dave Hugg said this week that a Request for Proposal seeking bids to build a downtown parking garage is in its final stages and will soon be heading out from the offices at City Hall.

• The last time I looked for parking downtown, those pretty “P” signs led me into two lots that were permit only. Downtown Dover is its own enemy sometimes. For example, if they do build the garage, the city planners will allow the contractor to close the street for a long time. This happens a lot if you’ve noticed. — Bob Hartman

•I have never had a problem finding a parking spot in Dover. You may have to walk a block or two, but why is that a problem? Isn’t Delaware always trying to promote better health? Let them walk. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• In truth, it isn’t at all about parking. It is about a lack of viable businesses to attract residents and visitors to come to the downtown. For example, a really nice looking, large place at the corner of Loockerman and State streets, the former World Famous Loockerman Exchange — empty for several years. The genius idea of placing the EZpass downtown in a primary spot when it could and should have been located out of town. Their customers don’t like going in town, and would far prefer to go elsewhere to do business with the state. I haven’t gotten to the numerous vacancies in the business district. I drove the length of Loocherman St. at 11 a.m. today, and there were 15 empty parking places between State Street and the Duncan Building. There is no need at all for a parking garage. — Bill Anderson

• I agree with your main points (especially in regards to EZPass — I liked it better when they were located on Rudnick Lane off South State Street). However, I think that the parking garage (especially if located on the site of the Bradford Street lot) could be a catalyst for drawing some of the businesses you (rightly) point out as missing/needed. People want the convenience, and they aren’t going to drive around looking for nonexistent, convenient parking for very long before they get frustrated and just go elsewhere (I got fed up trying to find a parking spot near EZPass and I drove out to the customer service at the toll plaza on Route 1). — Brian P Slattery

• So regardless of the fact that most of us feel this is an unnecessary expense and the fact that the report said we don’t need a parking garage these folks are going ahead with it anyway! The mayor says the city has no money or any way to help find solutions to the desperate lack of affordable supportive rental housing but we can find millions of dollars to put up a building to house cars? Really?

I surely hope that all of the folks that have expressed their disapproval will start showing up at meetings and sending emails and calling these city “leaders” to express these concerns. This is our tax money at work. Is this really what we want done with this money? Regardless of how it’s funded or what funding source they found, if the funds can be found to house cars I will not believe that with some effort the same funding could be found to house people. It’s time for the silent majority to start screaming for some simple common sense! — Sue Harris

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