Speak Out: Dueling demonstrations

Backers and opponents of gun control held dueling rallies Wednesday to highlight measures that would require individuals to obtain a permit before purchasing a firearm, prohibit dozens of guns deemed “assault weapons” and forbid magazines that can hold more than 15 rounds.

• The bill states 10 rounds and cannot have a removable bottom plate, so most magazines would have to be turned. And $10 for a magazine is a joke; most cost at least double that to purchase. — Julianne Shockley

• So sad when the representatives are only out for themselves, and don’t really have the good of the people in mind. They want a government that controls every aspect of our lives. It’s sad to say but we are living in uncertain times, I mean take all of our freedoms and then tax us to the point where we are all broke and looking towards them for handouts. A population in fear will do whatever the government tells them to do. —Rich McNaught

• While all this is going on, criminals are just waiting for you to be made easy prey. Come on in, take my stuff and here is my wife while you’re at it. By the way, the cops are great but they will be another 5 minutes getting here, so don’t rush. — William Jamar

• I also found it ironic that Sen. Pettyjohn said Delawareans are “fed up with gun regulations.” He also said, “The bills are an affront to responsible gun ownership.” Wasn’t it Sen. Pettyjohn that tried to board a plane with a gun because he “forgot” it was in his bag? Responsible? Really? — Dave Duncan

• The same politicians who want to coddle actual criminals, are now trying to punish legal gun owners. — Lou Bialota

• Stop making law-abiding citizens criminals with a stroke of a pen. Approximately 17,000 Delaware residents have a CCDW. No crimes committed. Thousands more own firearms. No crimes committed. Our officials must be held accountable to uphold the Constitution of this state and our nation, not blindly introduce stupidity as legislation. — Kevin Outten

• Peaceful protest of 600-800 of those Americans who value and respect the Constitution and individual rights, and 50 or so of the freedom-hating Bloomberg-sponsored Mom’s Demand Action with the Democrats trying to take your constitutional rights. — Marc Auger

• It’s interesting to me that the same group that is trying to curtail citizens from exercising their Second Amendment rights, wants to basically allow anyone to vote because it’s a right. — Mark Garrett

• You are 35 times more likely to be killed by a clown on a cell phone texting and driving then by someone with a gun. Lets ban cell phones! —Mike Clendaniel

• Today’s Delaware (2019) has become a sad reflection of that which its founding fathers gave us. One of the original colonies to create the U.S. Constitution now proposes to ignore its elaborated rights by restricting same. Those who conceived, and now promote this debacle are unfit to be entrusted with the ability to govern. — R Howard Anthony

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