Speak Out: Early voting

The Democratic-controlled Senate on Thursday passed legislation that will, once Gov. John Carney signs it, make Delaware the 40th state with early voting. The bill will allow residents to vote in person for a period of at least 10 days leading up to an election, including the weekend immediately before. The Department of Elections is required to have at least one location in each county plus Wilmington where a person can vote for a state office.

•As long as everyone is an actual citizen of the United States Of America and a citizen of Delaware. — Ron Lewis

•So where are our Voter IDs? Delaware has become a sham state. — Dana Watford Kavanagh

• This is nonsense. Why since the 2016 election does everything have to chance. The Democrats have gone nuts. Delaware also needs a change of politicians and a governor that will listen to the people. — Mary Jane Smith

•Apathy is the biggest problem that the U.S. has and is leading to our state’s and country’s demise. Wake up! This is what happens when people don’t get involved and get out to vote. They took our vote away within 30 days last month. Now everyone is complaining. Well it’s too late. — Bob Aellis

• I would like to hear the governor assure us that illegal aliens will not be permitted to vote. I won’t hold my breath however. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Wonder how so many elections were held for so many decades without doing this? Not needed! Another Democrat scam that will undoubtedly work in favor of wrongdoing. — Steve Peterman

• This allows even more fraud to happen. When will some people wake up. — Richard Trincia

• Democrats are gonna win in Delaware all the time as long as the New Castle County population outnumbers Kent and Sussex. So honestly they don’t need illegals to vote. — Rich McNaught

• Our votes don’t count for the presidential election anymore. Next it will be our votes for local elections. Just keep taking away the rights of Delaware citizens. Delaware legislators need to really get in touch with the citizens. — Marian Parrish Coker

• So much for being the First State. Now we are just a follower of political gain. — Sharon Nagyiski Purcell-Ponsell

• One they get a drift which way people are voting they can mess with the outcome. — Pete Parks

• The Democrats are having a field day with all of these ridiculous new laws and rules in an attempt to protect their super majority and hold on every elected office in Delaware. Beware of the piper for he must be paid. — Bob Skuse

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