Speak Out: Easier traveling?

Drivers can now travel from the Christiana Mall to the Milton area without encountering any traffic signals. The Delaware Department of Transportation opened the new realignment Monday afternoon for Del. 1 northbound at Bowers Beach Road. Southbound access followed by Monday evening.

The opening means drivers can now hop off Del. 1 and onto Bowers Beach Road, while those simply passing by can continue through the Little Heaven area without stopping.

• But you’ll still get slowed down. going past Milford. — Scott Clegg

• I work from home during the week so I am only out and about on weekends. It’s a literal pain. And midday when my husband heads to work at 3 p.m. he has to leave so early. I get they are easing traffic for beachgoers but they have totally inconvenienced the ones who live here. — Mandi Mendoza

• Something like this is needed on 113 to get through Milford, Georgetown and Millsboro. — Suzanne Piccione Green

• That’s great, but try getting in and out of Barrett’s Chapel – not easy anymore. — Sharon Greenfield Cohee

• Or Highpoint. First it was open. Now it’s closed again! — Mary Jo Hillman

• It was easy enough getting in, just an extra left turn coming in from Route 1 southbound, but much less traffic after that turn. As soon as they finish the northbound construction, it will be much easier to get to 1 northbound. — Debra Brown Nicol

• When this project first started, the cemetery was supposed to have its own exit lane by the office to merge you into traffic going north. Not sure what happened. — William Pippin

• Obliterated all memories of the once Rainbow Inn. It’s like if you told someone about it, they wouldn’t even believe you! — Laura Wisk

• Traffic lights are only part of the problem. Delaware Route 1 simply cannot handle the influx of beach traffic from mid-spring to mid-fall. There is simply not enough lanes. It needs to be three lanes from the Christiana Mall to the beach. This was needed 10 years ago. I guarantee you it’s still going to be the biggest East Coast concrete parking lot it’s always been until the capacity issue is addressed. — Shawn Knox

• Now people can get to the traffic jam at Five Points more quickly. — Dave McGuigan

• It is OK but I sure hope they go back and do something with the first mile or so north of the overpass. So rough I nearly spilled my coffee while driving through last night. — Timmy Harmon

• Hopefully now you can remove the road blocks and the detours that reroute you into closed roads with zero flaggers for help. — Logan French

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