Speak Out: Electric cars

Readers reacted to a recent commentary headlined “Giving to rich to fuel expensive electric cars” by David T. Stevenson regarding a proposal that the “Delaware Public Service Commission forces Delmarva Power to invest millions of dollars for public battery electric vehicle chargers paid for by non-EV owning electric customers.”

• I lease one. At my income level, well below the $125K used as an example. The federal, state and company incentives made it possible. I think some very forward looking folks made a judgment that electric cars were possibly a very important technology to develop.

Despite my incentives, I still lease the car, and that revenue supports EV research and development. I still depend upon a petrol powered vehicle, so I pay road taxes too. Before we complain too loudly, there are instances in which tax dollars were deployed to bring the future forward. This is sometimes rewarded by a culture-wide transformation. (the space program, Tennessee Valley Authority). I think this perspective represents both a broader and more exciting view of the world and us in it than the perspective presented by Mr. Stevenson. — Paul D Hayes

• This proposal is misguided. We do not need to offer more subsidies as battery powered car owners do not contribute to road use sales taxes. Conventional cars, and trucks, are paying for their road use and damage. Time for the legislature to wake up! — Donald Glanden

• This reminds me of the proposal to have taxpayers foot the bill for “free” college tuition. They expect those citizens who did not go to college and who make the income afforded to college grads to pay for someone else’s education.

If you can afford an electric car and it fits your life style, by all means, buy two or more! But don’t ask us regular folks to subsidize your lifestyle! Well written article! — Chris Wolfe

• “By the way, Tesla is not part of this problem as they build their own chargers.” I don’t quite buy that. Tesla may build their own chargers, but are their chargers everywhere where a driver might need one? No. — Bruce Anderson

• I’ll never own one. The whole greenhouse gas issue is a fraud to bilk the public out of money. If you check weather data back 100 years to present, you can see for yourself it’s a lie. — Steel Ovaries

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