Speak Out: Eliminating speedway seats

Last week marked the fourth time Dover Motor Speedway officials have made the decision to try to find the “right size” of the grandstand capacity by removing seats to address the changing demands of the sports and entertainment industry, according to Mike Tatoian, president and CEO of Dover International Speedway.

• This is not for your stress relief or comfort this is to make stands look full on TV. The points process and other equal playing ground rules have killed one of the last “I won so I’m the winner” sport. — Michael Ray

• It had its day, but a combination of factors (that also affects other sports) does not bode well. Probably attempts at over-marketing, expansion, but also that young people just don’t care about cars as much is part of the trend. — Larry Josefowski

• It’s kind of funny that the article states everything that is wrong and why fans aren’t showing up to the races. It just so happened to fail to mention the high ticket prices and more importantly the fact that the hotels raise their rates two or three times their normal rate for these weekends. That’s what pushes the fans away. Nobody wants lights at the track? Have they even looked at their comments on their own Facebook page? Everybody wants to see a night race at Dover. — Bobby Farrell

• I live close to the Kansas Speedway and I’ve never had to use a hotel room but I did check into Daytona tickets years ago and they did the same thing. Rates went up for the races. I thought price gouging was illegal but evidently not. — David Lawson

• Terrible product at the moment. Watching a race at Dover like watching grass grow. No side-by-side racing. No pit strategy. — Jimmy Cox

• “We are adjusting seating capacity with a focus on improving the fan experience in 2020 and beyond,” Mr. Tatoian said. Allowing fans to sit anywhere they like is making the experience as best it can be. By reducing seats you reduce expenses associated with concession stands, security, and maintenance. With fewer concessions and higher fan density service lines will get longer, ditto restrooms. Nothing wrong with right sizing but don’t try to sell it as doing it for the fans. — Bruce Anderson

• All those empty seats still have to have insurance and licensing and other costs that are not bring offset by attendance/ticket sales. Can’t do much about insurance but NASCAR could license per ticket sale instead of maximum capacity. And maybe if the tickets weren’t so expensive. — Rick Schuman

• Stop raising the cost of the tickets and making those who have reserved seats buy tickets for races they don’t want to attend and maybe you’ll get better attendance. Ronald Killen

• They say that eliminating these seats is going to enhance the experience of the race fan. I don’t see how all that’s going to do is make lesser seats which means they can charge more money per seat. How about this, NASCAR and Dover officials, let kids in the race for free. Lower the prices of the tickets. Lower the cost of camping. — Dale Faulkner

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