Speak Out: Eliminating student debt

Sen. Bernie Sanders and House progressives came out with legislation to cancel all student debt, going farther than a signature proposal by Sen. Elizabeth Warren as the two jockey for support from the party’s liberal base.

• What about the folks who were responsible and paid their bills. Will they get anything? — Yvonne Cole Herrmann

• Why can’t we just want to help those who are struggling? Why does everyone have to struggle for life to be OK? — Benjamin Black

• Why can’t people not take out a loan that they wouldn’t be able to repay? — Harry Simon

• Yes! We put our two sons through college by working hard, they had no debt. Can we get a rebate too? — Elaine Russell Ringler

• That’s not how progress works. Imagine if anytime anything was done we halted everything because of other people who couldn’t be helped at another time. — Ant W. Terrigno

• If we can pay for Trump’s golf trips, we can help the less fortunate. — Reggie Shelton

•So tax payers have: 1) Paid taxes into the federal loans which gave incentives for colleges to raise their cost of tuition. And now 2) Taxpayers will have to pay down those loans and interest accrued, because “students” made bad decisions and went to college for degrees that are useless? — Willy Beal

• It doesn’t help that no one tells these kids that even though it’s easy to take out a loan, getting a job and paying it back is 10 times harder. I’ve lived that. I believed the whole “just take out a loan and you can go to college!” And not realized I will be paying it off for the rest of my life. They don’t educate the high schoolers on the things they need to know, like proper money management, so they opt for the “easiest” thing. So let’s not entirely blame the “students” as you put it. — Sam Frankie Leister

• No free ride kid. if you’re “paying it off for the rest of my life” you’re doing it wrong. — Cory Herlihy

• Since when are we responsible to pay other’s debts? — Glenda Tebbens

• Were you cool with it when it was the auto industry and Wall Street? — Liz Long

• No, I sure as hell wasn’t. That is why I voted against each and every politician when their term was up. I plan on continuing that — one-term limits. — Victoria M. Olds

• All those that are complaining…kid comes out with 40, 90, 100K in debt and now gets a job . Oh good luck and oh pay rent? In-state, U of
D is 30k a year. Your kids won’t be able to leave home, buy or invest in a home. So many countries have this and it works — free college. Because they invest in their citizens. USA invests in military to use against other countries. How about some education? — Alexis White

•I think the question that needs to be asked is what is driving outrageous tuition bills in the first place. It no longer pays to invest in higher education, and with colleges having less facilities to manage with online options for a large number of courses or majors, why the skyrocketing costs? Don’t know the answers but we have to stop forgiving debt at taxpayer cost. — Eileen Kahl Reynolds

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