Speak Out: Emergency declaration

Some of Delaware’s top officials blasted President Donald Trump’s recent declaration of a national emergency that would allow him to redirect billions in federal funding to build a wall along the nation’s southern border.

“The president is planning to take money from the military and from drug interdiction programs to build his wall,” Sen. Chris Coons said in a statement.

• No sir. It is you and the other Democrats who refuse to listen and comprehend what is being told to you, and to act accordingly for the welfare of us, the legal citizens of the United States of America. The word
“united” doesn’t seem to be in your vocabulary. — Cindy Burge

• These so-called experts were all on board with a border wall, fence or whatever you want to call it in the past but because Trump wants it now they kick and scream like babies throwing a tantrum. — Dan Neumann

• Legalize cannabis and tax it, use that money to fund programs and schools. — Suzanne Heritage-Madanat

• Since when is securing a nation’s border not a national security issue? — Michael Pepper

• Why don’t you Democrats do the right thing for our country and give him what we need to protect our country. The border control and HLS have told all of you how badly we need to have a barrier or whatever you choose to call it. The Democrats are becoming power hungry bunch of idiots. — Mary Jane Smith

• Coons, if you would cooperate with the president instead of resisting every word, you would realize that this president will always find funds to help our military! Quit trying to cause nonexistent reasons to buck the president. — Lee Henderson

• Then muster a veto-proof, super majority in Congress, and then you can prevent him from doing this. Otherwise, the president is acting completely within the scope of his constitutional powers, and it’s up to the voters to pass judgment on his motivations in 2020. That’s how our democracy works. — John Daliani

• That, Senator Coons is simply not true. It is a disgrace that you and Delaware Democrats have been and are so unconcerned about protecting the American families. Shame on all of you. When tens of thousands of Americans are dying, I would think a person of high moral character would error on the side of caution, doing everything possible to slam the door on the drug cartels and other criminals crossing our borders selling death and destruction. — Dave McGuigan

• Trump’s wall is completely unnecessary. There is already wall or fencing where appropriate. Let’s spend our money more wisely! — Debra Irene

• Have you not seen the interviews with the border patrol stating that it is needed? The interviews with the Texas, Arizona land owners that are begging for a border fence because cartels and coyotes are using their lands to traffic drugs and humans! All while destroying property on their ranches, leaving trash everywhere, not to mention the threat to themselves and their families! — Shawn Vann

• What a shame to think that the voters in Lower Delaware are not represented in Congress! We do not have enough voters in Sussex County to override the voters in Kent & New Castle County therefore our voices are never heard. Voters need to stop voting for Democrats for federal office. They have never represented us and never will. — Susan Moore

• What makes a border expert, except one who has lived the life of one and experienced the challenges at the border. It is not a textbook subject taken as a college course. I wonder if the Democrats are considering themselves the experts? — Chester C. Martin Jr.

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