Speak Out: Facts from fiction

Readers reacted to a recent Commentary by M. Jane Brady, chairwoman of the Delaware Republican Party, headlined “Separating facts from fiction in ‘impeachment inquiry.’”

• Crazy to think that a woman who was a judge would write something like this. If we’re talking about Trump and you bring up Hillary, the conversation is over. If we’re talking about Hillary and you bring up Trump, the conversation is over. — Jordan Irazabal

•Fact. Democrats decided to impeach before the transcripts were released. — Ryan Fenimore

• An impeachment inquiry is not impeachment. It is a way to get information more quickly from an administration that does not turn over lawfully required items. They hope that by slow walking everything, they can run out the clock until you get all caught up on the next story about Biden. — Chris Bruno

• The whole transcript was never released, just the summary. It says right on it “not verbatim convo.” It was placed in high security servers for only coverup eyes to see. When it all comes out, it will be even more damning evidence but Trump is digging his own hole more and more every day. He is his own worst enemy. — Ian VanSant

•The Democrats were looking for a way to impeach Trump the day after the election. They vowed to stop him before he ever got started. It is so sad that even though for the first two years of his presidency, the Republicans had the super majority and the country was still held hostage by the Democrats. — David A Gibson

• “Russia, if you’re listening…”

“Ukraine, if you’re listening …”

“China, if you’re listening…”

“It is illegal for any person to solicit, accept, or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election.”

America, are YOU listening? — Gary Greer

• Not if the DOJ has already having a investigation going on, and the president of Ukraine was known to be corrupt. So when the new president of Ukraine takes office, you ask for help into it and an ongoing investigation. It’s not criminal. But what is criminal is a vice president blackmailing Ukrainian government for self purposes and profit. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• I could type two full pages pointing out the misleading and just plain wrong statements made by Ms. M. Jane Brady in her recent “Commentary” about the impeachment of our criminal president. But I have much other work to do. It is maddening enough that she refers to “the unprecedented transparency” of Trump a — worn-out talking point for his pathetic supporters. I too am a former prosecutor, and Wow! You call lying like hell at every turn, refusing to answer questions, and hiding his tax returns (that will be some indictments when they are seen!) “transparent”?! — Ken Abraham

• For once in this small-minded state, we have a woman who operates within the law and who has some real intelligence. Maybe some should take up on this clue. — Pamela L Zienneker

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