Speak Out: Failure of Muller?

Readers reacted to a recent commentary headlined “The absolute failure of Robert Mueller.”

• He didn’t fail. He could not find any Trump/Putin collusion. He isn’t a failure for not finding something that wasn’t there to begin with. Democrats were worshiping the guy and now they are calling him a failure. They are pathetic. — Ryan Fenimore

• There are cases against our own people here in Delaware that are just as disappointing. The government has failed the people. They have become bought and paid for. — Rick Grimes

• The DOD cannot indict a sitting president. That is clear as day to me, think about it. “Cannot indict a sitting president”. It’s not a question of whether he could or not. It’s a statement “Cannot indict a sitting president” — Eddie Curley

• A policy that the DOJ has adhered to since 1973. However, Mueller did not exonerate Trump. He merely did his job and left the rest up to Congress. — Dan Fluman

• The opinion writer apparently only listened to AG Barr rather than reading the report. — Yvonne E. Keith

• “His charge was to investigate President Trump concerning collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice” This article starts off garbage. Mueller was not charged with finding “obstruction.” He was to find “Russia Collusion” and knew there was none a year before the “investigation” ended. — Chris Werner

• I have yet to meet or communicate with a Trump supporter who has offered an independent, original thought or statement. Not one. In years. Every single supporter has mimicked and regurgitated talking points previously fed to them. A great deal is to be deduced by that fact. By the way, the same can be said about so-called liberals, but guess what? Trump is in charge and the totalitarians in the Senate still have control, dictating expanded government and meddling in people’s lives. The Demonrats (did I get that right?) are no better, trust me, I know. But the kooks defending the planted president. Sheesh, y’all are in a league of your own. That Kool-Aid must’ve been delicious! — Ian Kowalewski

• Someone that actually balances his opinion has my attention, Ian. Thank you. Unlike those who hypocritically provide ad hominem while accusing others of what he is guilty of himself. — Jim Kelley

• How can anyone with any sense think Mueller is a failure when he charged several Russians with interfering into our democratic process, convicted several of Trump’s campaign staff with crimes, and provided evidence that Trump obstructed justice. — Susan Janis

• The problem is that these liberals only watch CNN/ MSNBC etc to get fed their lies and propaganda. They hate and refuse to hear any truth coming from Fox News. I can’t wait for the IG Horowitz report which should be any day now. — Bob Hice

• I hope you are correct and those responsible will be prosecuted. But they are Democrats and we know how that normally ends. — Alex Fowler

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