Speak Out: for Turf

Legislation approved 20-0 by the Senate Wednesday would authorize Kent Levy Court to establish a tax on hotels and similar establishments and to then direct that revenue to the DE Turf.

The bill would enable Kent County to place a tax of up to 3 percent on hotels, motels and tourist homes, with the proceeds designated for the Frederica-area sports complex.

• Raising taxes are what politicians with no real problem-solving experience do. — Walter Perry

• How about we put that money back into the schools that need it in Kent County? — Elizabeth-Ann Brode

• This is not even controversial. This passed unanimously in the House and the Senate. Usage taxes are the most fair because:

1) The tax is 100% avoidable/ voluntary

2) In this case, the tax is paid by non-residents (almost all from out of state)

Also, the KC Regional Complex is a 5013c charity, not a “private business”. My fellow conservatives, please do your research before commenting. You are making us look bad. — Matt Bucher

• It is unnecessary. Why are we the taxpayers funding a charitable organization? We even paid to give them their own ramp off Rt. 1. Completely unacceptable. Those paying the increase tax are most likely more military personnel than visitors. It is wrong on many levels. — Susan Moore

• It’s not the only 5013c place in Kent County, and I know for a fact others from 5013c stay in hotels motels and rent homes. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• How can

  1. Levy Court charge a tax to go to a specific charity?
  2. Levy Court charge a tax to go to a private organization?

This is quite controversial Not just out of town people utilize local hotels. Not everyone in Kent County uses DE Turf nor do we even care about it. To me it is just another reason for more traffic to clog up Del. 1 on the way to and from the beach. — Larry Lang

• So DE Turf should be charging the people who are using the facility then, not asking every person who uses a hotel or motel in the county to subsidize their operation! It’s ridiculous! Why should an unrelated convention at Dover Downs pay more just to subsidize DE Turf? And having the ability to levy a tax will eventually be used, make no mistake, they’re just looking for another revenue source to tap into. — Sam Chick

• Why don’t they use the tax money to supplement the emergency services of Kent County. We need paramedics more than we need soccer fields. — Jason Hansen

• And guess what happens after that? Well hotel prices now go up. Tax the businesses and all they do is raise the price now. — Christopher Joyce

• Legislators are not for the people. Casinos get big tax breaks now DETurf gets monies directly to them from hotel/motel visitors playing on their fields. The teams already pay fees to entry tournaments. How much more can they pay? Bad move by all. — Jay Schuman

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