Speak Out: Forced union dues

Readers recently reacted to a Commentary by Mark Mix, president of the National Right to Work Committee, headlined “This Labor Day, consider the injustice of forced union dues.”

• If you want to work, you have to belong to a union or must pay dues. There is not choice. Right to work states are not forcing anybody to join for a job. Unions used to be needed. Now they are in the pocket of politicians and don’t give one rat’s pattoot about workers besides telling them who they should vote for. — Alex Fowler

• Add jobs with poor pay and benefits with no job protection. Look at state-by-state comparisons and you will find right to work stands for right to work for less. Oh and guess who reaps the benefits? The fat cat 1%. — Renie Mullaney

• How stupid. Unions are the only thing that protect workers from greedy corporations! Without unions this country will become like China. — Janelle Higgins

• The best jobs I ever had were union. The highest paid job I ever was a union job. I paid my dues with pride and it was well worth it to have someone else negotiate my pay so it would be fair. As a woman who worked full time from the day I turned 16 in this state, I can say with 100% certainty that unions are more fair to women. In every non union job I worked, I made less than my male coworkers for the same damn job. — Jessica Andreavich

• Let’s see. Today, people fight for equal pay for everyone, a good “minimum wage,” good, reasonable health care and a pension when you retire. If you work for a union you get all that and more for a little bit of money from your weekly paycheck. Yes, I am a proud union retiree and I have had a good life. With my pension, my Social Security and my retirees’ health care to back up Medicare I have never once regretted giving my union that money and I would do it again. — Deborah Grubbs

• I think the important distinction is between “forced” union dues and choice. I don’t think anyone is disputing the importance and benefits of unions. The robber barons taught us an important lesson that we should never forget. However, when you have no choice but to join the union and pay whatever dues, play by their rules — doesn’t that make them just like the robber barons? The ability to self-select and determine your own destiny is what is at question here. — Dave Fisher

• No one forces any of them to join the union, but once they do join they should help support it. To do otherwise is not being very united, now is it? — Susan Janis

• This man is like many that don’t understand unions or what they stand for! — Diane Murphy

•He understands better than most. — Lisa Marie McCulley

• Exactly the reason he fears them. — William Mazzariello

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