Speak Out: Foreign intelligence

President Donald Trump says that if a foreign power offered dirt on his 2020 opponent he’d be open to accepting it and that he’d have no obligation to call in the FBI.

“I think I’d want to hear it,” Trump said in an interview with ABC News, adding, “There’s nothing wrong with listening.”

• I would like to know if potential leaders of any part of this country were guilty of wrongdoings. It shouldn’t matter if it is from a foreign source. Wouldn’t it be xenophobic if I didn’t agree with it? — Ryan Fenimore

• It’s freaking against the law! — Yvonne E. Keith

• He’ll take a phone call then make decisions after it? Stop the press! Front page news right there. Trump is taking phone calls! — Chris Werner

• Have all the liberals forgotten that Hillary and the dems used foreign info to start the Russian probe in 2016? What goes around comes around, pot calling the kettle black? — Marc Kucek

• Propaganda from the Russians and Wikileaks paid by the Trump administration with deals and Russian funds. Where have you been? Impeach Trump for criminal activity. — R Tamer Peel

• Paying for opposition research is a legal campaign expense. Inviting foreign agencies to steal information and give it to you or accepting help from foreign governments is illegal. This is not a difficult concept.— Stephanie Hart

• I believe his words were I’d like to hear it. He didn’t say that he would use it or repeat it. You people have never been told a secret? Did you blab? I’m sure you told someone. You have to at least wait until he does anything to accuse him of doing it. — James Kish

• So now the fake news and Democrats are upset over Trump having a conversation. Seriously he’s not allowed to have a conversation? So now the Democratic party opposes the First Hmendment, how open minded! Plus, It’s not like he is using fake foreign intel to illegally defraud the FISA courts into issuing unlimited accessed into a candidate’s every single aspect of their lives for spying on them or anything like that.— Marc Auger

• He also said that if there was something wrong in this call he’d contact the FBI. Funny how you didn’t mention that, or that the DNC has zero problems in paying for lies from a foreign source. — Melanie Anne

• This violates federal law: 11 CFR § 110.20 – Prohibition on contributions, donations, expenditures, independent expenditures, and disbursements by foreign nationals (52 U.S.C. 30121, 36 U.S.C. 510). — Bradley Skelcher

• This just hung a “FOR SALE” sign on the U.S. elections. — Cheri Zatko-Coseglia

• Trump is pretty much a genius. He throws this out there so that the Liberals can show what hypocrites they are. Hillary paid for information from a foreign spy. Where was your outrage then? — Cheri Zatko-Coseglia

• And then again he didn’t say that. Pay no attention to the videos where he does say it. — Gladys K. Adams

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