Speak Out: Former envoy testifies

Testifying in defiance of President Donald Trump’s ban, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch told House impeachment investigators Friday that Trump himself had pressured the State Department to oust her from her post and get her out of the country.

Yovanovitch told lawmakers investigating Trump’s dealings with Ukraine that there was a “concerted campaign” against her based on “unfounded and false claims by people with clearly questionable motives.”

The diplomat was recalled from Kyiv as Rudy Giuliani — who is Trump’s personal attorney and has no official role in the U.S. government — pressed Ukrainian officials to investigate baseless corruption allegations against Democrat Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, who was involved with a gas company there.

• So, how is any of this out of what he normally does? Highest turnover rate in history. Is this “draining the swamp”? Or bringing it up to “sewer level”? — J.J. McGlothlin Jr.

• With all of the leaks there are obviously a lot of people who shouldn’t be trusted. We don’t expect liberals to put two and two together anymore. — Ryan Fenimore

• And the walls come tumblin’ down. — Gary Greer

• Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan announced he supports the impeachment inquiry! All this “fake news” and “witch hunt” has them seeing the light. Get your popcorn ready, this GOP circus is going to go down as one of the greatest television shows in history. — Brendan Warner

• Well gee I wonder why! Not because she wrote a story against him.Duh, why would he keep her if she is not for his policies? Get em all out. — Karinna Rodgers

• He’s the president. He’s the boss of the executive branch. Who serves in these jobs are his choice. — Philip L Puschel

• He also took an oath to follow the Constitution and defend America from enemies foreign and domestic. That doesn’t include working with other governments and enemies willing to undermine the U.S. — Tee Brat

• Yes, he is the boss, and can do whatever legal thing he wants to do but if he is covering up illegal acts, that is not included. Nixon tried the same defense. The Supreme Court unanimously disagreed with him. — Larry Josefowski

• Yovanovitch was an Obama appointee. A U.S. senator wrote to Trump that she had been making disparaging remarks about the president. Gee, I wonder why there was a loss of confidence? An unfounded allegation against Joe and Hunter Biden??? Oh please! No qualifications! No show job! Couldn’t speak the language! $50K a month? “I told the SOB they had six hours to fire the investigating prosecutor or they weren’t getting the check?” Unfounded? So Trump is being investigated because he investigated Biden? What, does Uncle Joe get a pass because he’s running for President? I think I’ll register to run tomorrow and begin my new life of crime! — Chris Wolfe

• Wow, guess what, he gets to hire who he wants and fire who he wants. That was not a lifelong job. Next!! Nothing impeachable yet, keep trying. — Diane Butters-Eastburn

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