Speak Out: Free feminine hygiene products

Democratic legislators on Thursday announced they plan to file a bill that would require Delaware schools to provide free feminine hygiene products to students.

• This is wonderful, you would be surprised of the girls that don’t have the resources to stay adequately stocked with pads or tampons, so they use rolled up toilet paper, stay home from school or sit in class in fear they are messing up the seat or their clothes. These girls are not just low income, but middle class girls as well. This bill should be a no-brainer. Students need to be comfortable in their learning environment. — Lici Aline

• No cost? Does that include taxpayers? — Kevin Andrew

• The $.001 of a cent on your paycheck to provide security and sanitary products for people to not have to stress about their unavoidable physiological processes will not kill you. — Danielle Levredge

• It’s not your or anyone else’s money to take and decide how it’s spent. Take care of yourself. It won’t kill you. — Mattjazz Sky

• If I forgot mine I could always go to the school nurse. They should be available there. I had extra in my bag at all times for other girls if they needed. — Julianne Shockley

• There you go being a responsible adult… I wish everyone would think like that. — Chris Behrens

• Sometimes it’s not a matter of being responsible but simple economics. If there isn’t money in the household finances, necessities such as this are one of the first things to be struck from the shopping list. But I know it’s easier to assume those without are just lazy or irresponsible than to try to perform the mental gymnastics associated with empathy and perspective. — Crystal Vicidomini

• Great. But also should be free lunch also to everyone. — Lisa George

• I am usually not for most of these programs that give stuff out for free, because someone, somewhere is paying for it, but this seems like a great program. Period issues can affect a girl’s education if she doesn’t have what she needs and can’t go to school. I’d love to see some classes on how to use these items and how to track the menstrual cycle as well. That is important knowledge that empowers women without pushing hormonal birth control and or abortion views on either side. — Kelly Elizabeth

• Not paying. We already pay for enough. Let the state officials provide. — Cindy West

• Nurse’s office has always had them when there is a need. I would rather mother’s teach their daughters to be prepared instead of assuming someone else is going to provide for them. — Patricia Riddagh

• Very privileged. Not all these girls have mothers in the homes or even involved in their lives. — Holly Overmyer

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