Speak Out: Funding for more police

Residents would like more patrols rolling through the neighborhood. Delaware State Police are all for it. The reality is, however, that funding limits what everyone wants and added law enforcement comes through higher taxes, officials say.

On Thursday night, Kent County area residents expressed themselves to troopers, who acknowledged concerns and budget realities and shared safety tips and urged attendees to share information about all incidents, even minor ones.

• I’d rather pay more taxes to have a larger police force and to increase their salaries so they can attract more talent. — Jim Sawchak

• An additional tax for additional state police is wise for patrol of the unincorporated areas of our state, but should not be assessed on those cities/towns that currently pay taxes to support our local police forces. — Dan Maher

• FYI- Everyone in that room, including myself, agreed we wanted to come together and solve this issue without raising taxes. — Kim Petters

• Maybe the Democrats can pass more laws that make committing crimes more illegal.— Mark Schmalhofer

• What is the point of more law enforcement when the Democrats support no prosecution of felons along with our wonderful AG, Kathy Jennings, and her genius policy of $0.00 bail for the “poor” felons! More cops would just equal a faster turnaround for criminals to be back out on the streets to commit more crimes. — Marc Auger

• I think if this meeting would have been advertised or made to where more people would have known about it they wouldn’t have not had enough parking or space for the people that would like to come there and ask how come you’re not solving the problems and the issues in my neighborhood. — Jimmy Dallas Aplin

• If they are not going to charge people who are criminals and hold them accountable for their actions and clean up the city, it does not matter how much money you throw at the problem. — Michelle A. Brown

• Here’s a thought. Kent and Sussex should create their own county police agencies. Let those folks put more skin in the game if they need more coverage. Everyone throughout the state, including New Castle Count picks up part of cost of the DSP coverage in the lower two counties, even if they pay an additional fee. — Bob Hartman

• When seconds count, police are minutes away. Not their fault, just a reality. Protect yourself. — Kevin Outten

• Petty crimes and keep them paying fines. In and out of jail and who keeps paying? We do and they get better care then most people who work hard — crazy. — James Young Jr.

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