Speak Out: Funding for the wall

The Pentagon will cut funding from military projects like schools, target ranges and maintenance facilities to pay for the construction of 175 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border, diverting a total $3.6 billion to President Donald Trump’s long-promised barrier.

Projects in 23 states, 19 countries and three U.S. territories would be stalled or killed by the plan, though just $1.1 billion in cuts would strike the continental U.S., according to a list released Wednesday by the Pentagon. Almost $700 million would come from projects in U.S. territories, with another $1.8 billion coming from projects on overseas bases.

• Good. Defense spending should be actual defense. — Tom Small

• The military is willing to sacrifice to make up for Democrats’ incompetence. — Chris Werner

• And all the pork barrel money does not go to the states that were promised that construction. — Harlan Joe Smith

• We can all thank the Democrats for this. — Mark Schmalhofer

• I don’t understand how you can thank Democrats for Trump moving more than $ 3billion from DoD spending to wall construction. What do Democrats have to do with that? — Jody Sweeney

• Tired of ignorant GOP. Two years of your power destroying the country I served. — Crystal Hamilton

• The Chinese discovered that the Great Wall did not keep the enemies out. — Elizabeth Kenney

• Go tell the Israelis that a wall doesn’t keep enemies out. — Kim Taylor

• Good! Immigration to this country without doing the paperwork first is crazy. We have to know who these people are. Our taxes cannot fund welfare for all these people. Help them, yes, absolutely if you floated here, swam here, crawled here, I don’t care how you got to America. We’ll help get then started but we have to do this by the law and Congress needs to change the laws. I’m an American and we live by laws that protect us, We the people! — Sara Hisaw Lancaster

• The border crisis is caused by giving all the benefits of citizens to illegals for free. Then we have sanctuary cities and states. Then we give them a driver’s license and want to let them vote. And they take American jobs. Build the wall! Dems cause the problem and want to blame the results on Trump! Build the wall and stem the flow that you pontificated about until Trump won the election, hypocrites! — Chris Wolfe

• I thought Mexico was paying it. — Jenni Gee

• If they don’t help stem the tide of immigrants coming across the border, they will be paying for it when those tariffs kick in. — Mary Wolfe

• Spending proposed $25 to $28 billion. Promised Mexico would pay for it. Raiding funds from other budget-approved areas. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. Trillion dollar deficits. But hey, he built that wall. We need to impeach Trump. — R Tamer Peel

• Build it now! This is a matter of national security, using Department of “Defense” funds to “defend” our citizenry. — Victor Santillan

• Awesome. Build that wall. Take America back! Let the good ones in through legal points of entry and keep the bad ones out of these same points! Criminals, gang members, rapists and murderers that have records won’t go near a legal point of entry. — Christopher Dunion

• This whole idea of building a wall for “national security” and defense is bull puckey when the biggest threat to national security in the last three years has been Trump supporting extremists who go around shooting up everybody because they believe his hateful rhetoric is what will help make America great again. Domestic terrorism is the biggest threat to our country in 2020. — Gary Greer

• This country has enough money to stop the invasion and keep the military strong and prepared. The Democrats will do anything to go against President Donald Trump. Sad, disrespectful and maybe sedition. — Jeffrey Dixon

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