Speak Out: Funding school districts in Delaware

Democratic lawmakers have again introduced legislation allowing school districts in Delaware to raise taxes without local voter approval. A bill introduced Thursday says that, beginning in July 2020, a school board could increase the rate or amount of its district operating tax by at least 2% every year, indefinitely, without holding a referendum.

A school district could still hold a referendum if officials wanted to raise the operating tax by more than 2% or a rate equal to the increase in the consumer price index.

• So in other words this is a bill for them to do anything they like. What is wrong with the politicians in Delaware? — Jeff Grzeszczak

• Really sounds like a misguided effort to properly fund school districts. — Thaddeus Fisher

• Our taxes go up every year because people want to get their kids in school earlier. So why do we have to pay for it? I don’t have any kids and I’m paying for someone else’s kids. I don’t mind donating once in a while but my taxes go up at least 100 bucks every year! — Jessie Rosamond

• I think all parents need to pitch in for their kids education, not just homeowners. Current salaries will not allow rent increases so it goes on the backs of homeowners. — Todd Ruckle

• Hey Delaware, how about cutting wasteful spending instead of raising taxes. Democrats truly love spending our money. Now they want a free pass to take what they want when they want. Unbelievable. — Ron Lewis

• They need to charge apartment complex owners taxes on how many people live there. Just not a blanket fee like a normal home owner. — Jason Parker

• Really? Unchecked taxation? I need to order some tea to dump in the Delaware Bay. — Sharon Nagyiski Purcell-Ponsell

• Definitely against this bill or any similar to it — look upon the need to go to referendum as a control over the spending levels of our school districts. Why would they try and control costs if they could just raise our tax levels 2% every year without any kind of vote? Passage of any such bill would cause me to vote against any of my representatives who supported it and the party which initiated it! The taxpayers need to have some say and control over education expenses. —Dan Maher

• We already pay taxes on some public schools (tech schools and charter schools) without taxpayer approval, why shouldn’t all schools get that benefit? I do agree that the schools should still be held accountable but some districts need the money and definitely aren’t getting it. — Beth Anne Poe-Houseman

• Absolutely not! Before any new tax increases are put in place I would suggest a serious look at trimming the fat and an audit to decrease wasteful spending. Pretty sure there would be substantial savings in those two areas. — Gere Durkin

• It may make some of you all a little less angry to read the bill. There is a cap on what it can be raised to without a referendum (2%). Based on our school taxes from last year, that is a $3.46 increase per year. Disclaimer: I cannot honestly say that I support the bill, as I have other legitimate concerns. — Cindy Ennis

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