Speak Out: Funds for University of Delaware

The University of Delaware is seeking to cover the cost of tuition and fees for lower-income Delaware students by asking lawmakers to provide an extra $22.5 million over the next four years. Appearing before the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee Thursday, President Dennis Assanis detailed his request for additional taxpayer dollars on top of the nine-figure sum the university gets from the state annually.

• Legislators need to dig their heels in on this one. As someone who was born and raised in Delaware and attended UD, the price for an in-state student is astounding. They tell you $7,600 is the average tuition cost — this is misleading because of the tuition costs being factored in from satellite campuses which lowers the “average”. The real cost is $13,680 in-state (source: UDEL.edu). This doesn’t even include the room and board costs and books and other ancillary items needed for a student.

They tack on “fees” of $1,000 here and there the same way when you receive your cable bill each month there are “fees” that leave you scratching your head. The bottom line is that the “average” person in Delaware cannot even afford to send one’s own children to the state’s flagship university. The cost of tuition went up each year that I was enrolled. They are more than capable of dipping into the endowment to provide an education to students. —

Delaware legislators: Do not allow the university to take money from the working Joes and Janes of our state. — Jeff Haycraft

• It’s not free if tax payers foot the bill! — April Jones

• Is this a responsible function of the state government with Delaware hard-earned income? — Victor Santillan

• I can see free community college, but not at a university. However, university tuitions are so overpriced these days the ROI is not worth the price of admission. — Susan Janis

• It’s time for universities to be self-sufficient and stop feeding from the taxpayer trough. — Philip L Puschel

• The only reason college is so expensive is because the government got involved. — Yvonne Cole Herrmann

• College used to be affordable for all individuals. At one time it was normal for a student to work a part time job and still be able to afford college. Then the government started offering tuition assistance and guaranteed loans and that’s when the cost of college went through the roof. Want to make college affordable again? Get the government out of the loan business and force colleges to compete on a free market. The cost to attend would plummet. — Shawn Knox

•Why don’t they use part of the income from that endowment in partnership with the state? The U of D needs to be subject to FOIA laws like any other state agency and I don’t want to hear they’re not a state agency. — Andy Longacre

• What happened to getting a job in high school, saving the money, and applying for scholarships and student loans? Better yet, join the military and take advantage of their college benefits —or would boot camp be too much work It took me 10 years to pay off my loan and I’m thankful for the life lessons learned. — Jym Sawchak

• I think there should be an established partnership with large private companies and the government to fill positions that are pay worthy before this even comes to the table. Why pay for free education for graduates to take their education and skills elsewhere? — James Elocin

• As blue as this state is turning, I’m sure our fantastic lawmakers will put the burden on the tax payers who couldn’t afford to go to UD. Free isn’t free. — Richard Miller

• If it’s taxpayer funded, shouldn’t every gainfully employed persons children get to attend for free? — Dean Grabowski

• What a joke, $1.59 billion endowment and it’s already been allocated for specific purposes? Then someone needs to sit down with the bean counters and prioritize needs/wants. — Kenny Rife Jr.

• I do not agree with this. If they would lower their pay maybe they could offer this and lower the overall cost to attend. — Marian Parrish Coker

• Kids need their cell phones tossed out and make them get part time jobs like years back. — Tommy Lee

• All this Bernie Sanders talk of “free” everything!!! Stop it. People need to have skin in the game. People need to work for what they earn. College is ridiculously priced, but in my opinion, it should not be free. I don’t want to have to pay for other people’s health care, education, or for the slackers who don’t want to work. — Beth Ann

• I agree With Mr Lawson. My daughter goes to UD.. She is home on break now since Dec 14 and returns Feb. 10. We are paying for that dorm room sitting empty. They had to lock it up, turn in the key and can’t return unless you’re doing Winter Session. She comes home again in a month for Easter break for a week. They have Biden up there at least once a month for speaking engagements Are they paying him? They rename buildings after him. Dig in his pockets a bit deeper. — Darby Hann-Spanier

• As soon as they pass this, they’ll increase the tuition again since the govt is paying the bill. More waste. More pet projects. This state had a surplus not long ago. — Chris French

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