Speak Out: Giuliani subpoena

House Democrats subpoenaed President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, for documents on Monday as they ramped up investigations of the president’s dealings with Ukraine.

The House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight and Reform panels announced the subpoena as they examine Trump’s efforts to have Ukraine investigate political rival Joe Biden and his family. Giuliani assisted in that effort.

The committees are investigating the matter, the subject of a now-public whistleblower’s complaint, as part of an impeachment inquiry endorsed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week. They are moving rapidly with a goal of finishing the inquiry, and perhaps even voting on articles of impeachment, by year’s end.

• Anybody going to subpoena Joe and/or Hunter Biden? — Victor Santillan

• Democrats don’t go after Democrats. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Stephen Miller couldn’t answer what law the Bidens broke when he was on Fox News Sunday. The Ukrainians say there was no crime to investigate. The GOP controlled the House and Senate during the time of the “crime”. — Dale Lambert

• Dems will lose in 2020 because they’re still worried about 2016. They didn’t have anything solid to run on then and they still don’t. — Raughley Lloyd

• Americans want the Dems to fight the traitor in our White House on everything. If the Dems do not, they will not be rewarded with votes. If they do, they will retain the House, take back the Senate, and replace the current Traitor-in-Chief with an honorable President, even if its Pence. — Susan Janis

• Democrats have had the House for 10 months. Can anyone tell me anything at all they have done besides investigate our elected president? — Donna Lea

• Over 100 House-passed bills are awaiting action in the Senate. McConnell is sitting on them. They call it the Senate graveyard. So where does the fault really lie? — Gerry Boyle

•Good. The more light is shined onto this, the sooner the truth will out and we can move on. — Melanie Anne

• Left can’t beat Trump period. So let’s make up as much as we can get away with. Truth or lies doesn’t matter. — Stephen Malkowski

• If I’m not mistaken (Giuliani) has said on multiple interviews that he welcomes a subpoena because he has all the communications of the government asking him to look into this matter. I really don’t think Rudy would go on national TV and admit to a crime. I mean, seriously he’s not Joe Biden or anything.

• He has been subpoenaed by at least three different committees. What a waste of the tax payers money. The Democratic Party is not being good stewards of the our money. — Tony DeFeo

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