Speak Out; GOP seeks inquiry entry

Republicans disrupted a closed-door deposition Wednesday with a Defense Department official who was scheduled to answer questions as part of the House impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

• If the facts will be presented, why hide the process? Cowards running a kangaroo court. Goes against everything that America stands for. — Chris Werner

• They aren’t hiding. There are Republicans on all these committees that are participating in the hearings. These are usually closed to avoid tainting testimony from other witnesses, like a grand jury hearing.— Stephanie Hart

• No transparency or due process when you are having a secret coup on how to over throw the government. Hillary will never become president.Just get over it. — Jon Walczak

• What the (Republicans) are doing is political theater in the hopes that this inquiry will be made completely public or so that non-committee members will be allowed in these depositions and people like Gaetz can then share with Trump and his legal teams what was said in the depositions and they will be able to start his defense early and that other potential witnesses can either be intimidated or be coached to have their stories make themselves or Trump look innocent. — Jess Mortillfem

• People do not have a right to immediate information and witness testimony during an investigation. Only once the person(s) are accused officially of a crime and are in court to defend themselves. This is the investigation part of impeachment process, not the trial. — Paula Lowe

• Talk about transparency? Uh who has barred others from testifying, blocked documents, gone to court, and lost to prevent their taxes from being seen? I wonder who that was? If one has nothing to hide, then one is more that accommodating to those that are inquiring. At least in the normal reality. — Michael Jones

• Why are people still worried about his taxes? All the payments he has received since taking office have been donated. He has not accepted one dime from the American people. How many Democrats can say that? Crickets! — Micki Dash Leventry

• There were Republicans in the room already. Why are they worried? — Charlene Randall Korejko

• Republicans should use every legislative move possible to disrupt the Democrats. I want to see and hear the testimony of the witnesses. — Dave McGuigan

• What is happening now is an inquiry not an impeachment. When and if the impeachment comes, you will be notified. — Karen Hastings

• The facts are coming out and are hard to hide. Obstruction won’t stop it. — Elaine Russell Ringler

• I can tell everyone on here forgot that most of the Benghazi hearings were done behind closed doors also. — Jodie Carpenter Sleva

• And it was made clear at the time that that was because of national security information. — Hilary Ennis

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