Speak Out: Government shutdown

While President Trump cast his immigration offer over the weekend as a “commonsense compromise,” Democrats were quick to dismiss it as a “nonstarter.”

• Of course they won’t accept it, Trump offered it. He could have offered everything they wanted, and they’d refuse it because it came from him. — Chris Behrens

• Keep it shut down.— Lisa Marie McCulley

• This proves, once again, that Democrats do not care one bit about hard-working, tax-paying Americans. They love these illegals because they are easily swayed by the entitlements the Dems keep giving (off taxpayers’ work) and they will vote for them again and again because they don’t have to show ID to vote. — Susan Moore

• American citizens are not buying into the Democrats that want the government opened and then talk about the border. They have been pulling that nonsense for too many years now. Put up or shut up. — Faye Wing

• Bad deal for the “dreamers”. But then again, if a bank robber is caught years later, do his wife and kids get to keep the money anyway? Not their fault their house was bought with stolen money. – Jim Price

• Delaware’s three elected politicians need to support the people of Delaware and remember we are the people that put them in office. Maybe it is time to stop being a Democrat state and do what you were elected to do. Support term limits. — Maryanna Moderhak

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