Speak Out: Grant to fight opioid crisis

The Delaware Division of Public Health announced Tuesday a $17.4 million grant from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention to help reduce fatal drug overdoses over three years in Delaware.

The purpose of the three-year Overdose Data to Action grant is to support the public health division’s comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the opioid crisis in Delaware, officials said.

•I’m fat because of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Can a DAG please contact me concerning the disturbing indifference to my well being exhibited by this wealthy corporation. — Bob D Hartman

•Bob D Hartman I am also fat and now blame Ben and Jerry’s for this!! Thanks for the idea!! This just turned into a class action suit!! — Heather Laskey

•The persons taking the medications should be held accountable it’s a choice I’ve had numerous procedures and prescribed opioids if medication are prescribed and taken as such there’s not a problem is ur office going to sue the liquor companies for producing alcohol for all the ppl killed by dui offenders ???? For all the folks that are alcoholics…All the companies that sell guns and ammo? This is a waste of tax payers dollars — Shelley Maloney

•Where is personal accountability, let’s always put blame on other…SMH….. — Jeff Grzeszczak

So, let me get this right – the family profited from the opioid epidemic – now the state will profit from the opioid epidemic!! How do the families of those impacted by the opioid epidemic get paid?? Families and the addict pay dearly. The cost of treatment and more drugs to get you off the other drug, therapy and it impacts the family via trauma and stability!! How will Delaware divide up those funds??? — Diane Butters-Eastburn

•Diane Butters-Eastburn well my concern is will this open lawsuits to physicians? — Tiffani Carol

•Tiffani Carol it should. — Diane Butters-Eastburn

•Diane Butters-Eastburn I’m saying there’s a lot of people to be held accountable… patient, doctors, insurance companies, medicine producers, and even the state — Tiffani Carol

•Tiffani Carol I agree and after reading this it will not be long before the state takes that route. I am frustrated that the state will keep the money and not divide it up like a class action case! — Diane Butters-Eastburn

•Diane Butters-Eastburn I see this blowing up in the states face and wasting taxpayers money — Tiffani Carol

•For everyone saying it’s the addicts fault, I partially agree. However, do some research in to the highly deceptive practices Purdue has done. Maybe you will then see why the state is suing and SUPPOSEDLY putting the funds in to addiction treatment. We know how the government works so “supposedly” is probably “not really”. Hopefully they will since opioids are straight up evil. — Charles Mistretta

•It is long overdue that we hold responsible the drug manufacturers who knowingly lied to officials and all of us about the incredibly addictive properties of their drugs, and marketed them to healthcare providers and patients like candy. — Eric Morrison for State Representative

•For all who blame addiction over those who profit from it are going to Hell. — Susan Janis

•Doctors that write the scripts know they are addicting. People that take the scripts know they are addicting. If they want to do something then don’t give people narcotics unless they are in a hospital. If they are in that much pain they belong in a hospital. First page of my ex husbands medical records says wife states he has addictive behavior. Twenty years of constant script refills and he’s now dead I also think the time release pills have a lot to do with it. — Monica Prettner

•What about suing the government, big pharma only made what the government quota allowed them to make! Sue drug dealers and doctors, they’re the pushers. — Dorothy Owens-Sciarra

•Take a referendum to ask if we want DE tax payer’s money wasted on this! — Dorothy Owens-Sciarra

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