Speak Out: Grant to fight student trauma

With a new federal grant Delaware will increases support for children who have experienced academic, social, and behavioral health challenges as a result of exposure to trauma and toxic stress, state officials said.

In a news release Monday, Gov. John Carney announced that Delaware will receive almost $7.5 million over five years from the U.S. Department of Education’s Trauma Recovery Demonstration Project Grant Program.

• Marijuana legalization would give us all the money we need. Oh yeah forgot Delaware is damn near owned by Big Pharma. — Cody Waters

• I see a lot of children being diagnosed with stress to keep those dollars flowing in. Fact: for every child diagnosed with ADHD, the school receives money. There are many children being used. — Eve Angelique

• My son was diagnosed with Dyslexia, evaluated multiple times for behavior issues and none found, IEP made, referred to the special education program, and essentially taught little to nothing, as the other kids in class were so disruptive, the poor teacher couldn’t make it through a lesson. So I put him in private school who worked with him and he graduated high school last year, second in his class.

Seems behavior issues found in children employ more people. They have so many specialists working with the kids, yet the kids are withdrawn from the testing scores so they can’t bring the school down. Isn’t academics the point of school? — Heather Laskey

•I hope that this becomes a great resource. Children suffer traumatic experiences and as parents, we unfortunately don’t have as much time with our students as the school does. — Samie Lee

• “Stress in children”…no more multiplication tables, but there’s time for meditation and breathing techniques in the school day. Guess I’m going to look for some peer-reviewed research on why kids today are so stressed. — Michael Peppe

• This is a start. We need more access to quality mental health resources as well. Especially for teens. I just hope the money is used wisely and for this purpose. People who think kids aren’t stressed or don’t come from trauma in their personal lives obviously don’t spend much time with our youth. — April Sarandrea

• Glad to finally see some mental health-related funding. Let’s hope the state uses the funds appropriately. — Edward Graves Jr

• Delaware is 15 to 20 years behind states like Massachusetts. Better late to the dance as opposed to not showing up at all. One thing we need to link into is the trauma schools put on children. I would call it 50/50 on trauma from outside of school versus from inside the schools. — Diane Butters-Eastburn

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