Speak Out: Green New Deal

Readers reacted to a recent Letter to the Editor by George Roof headlined “Green New Deal a ‘socialist guilt trip’”

• We already have socialistic programs in the USA, Social Security being one. — Rick Reed

• You pay into it for many years and then the government decides how much they want to give back to you. This is exactly what single-payer healthcare would be. I would like to have all of my money back. — Mark Schmalhofer

• You pay into Social Security just like putting money in a savings account. Everyone getting free college, medical, $1,000 a month — those are socialists ideas. — Kevin McCarthy

• People who work pay into SS their entire lives! Like a savings account. We earned it. That is not socialism. — Freda Barrett

• And police, and firefighters, and plow trucks, and garbage pickup, and schools, and parks. And roads, and whew. There’s more. — Marie Law

• All socialists programs we already pay for, so why not health care and university education? Healthier, better educated citizens would truly MAGA. — Gary Greer

• Gee, let’s all balk at a great idea that has been proven to stimulate the economy and reinvest Americans in their society just because green energy is new and scary. — Danielle Levredge

• This proposal had nothing to do with environmentalism. Unless you believe providing “economic security to all who are unable or unwilling to work” will save the planet. — Rob Holley

• Gee, such outrage at the media and a freshman female representative from New York overwhelmingly elected by her constituents; but, not a peep when Trump — who was elected with 2.7 million votes less than his opponent — stood in front of the world and sided with Putin over American intelligence. I guess Mr. Roof prefers authoritarian communism and a state-controlled press over democracy and a free press. — Kenneth Dickerson

• Funny how those who don’t want to work for anything are the same people wanting all the free stuff. News flash, nothing is free! People need to remember that these ridiculous ideas that the radical politicians come up with and make law, won’t pertain to them. — Freda Barrett

• I know Mr. Roof is a hunter so I wonder what he’ll say when hunting is no longer possible on Delmarva because we’re under water. Climate change, regardless of what the fact deniers say, is a fact and we have to deal with it. — Steve Caporiccio

• The biggest problem facing our society is left-wing education. These young people believe what they are being fed. I am frightened for the future of this country. — Kathleen Woolridge

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