Speak Out: Gun background checks

President Donald Trump said Friday he believes he has influence to rally Republicans around stronger federal background check laws as Congress and the White House work on a response to last weekend’s mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

At the same time, Trump said he had assured the National Rifle Association that its gun-rights views would be “fully represented and respected.” He said he was hopeful the NRA would not be an obstacle to strengthening the nation’s gun laws.

• Not a Trump supporter but I respect that. — Jordan Irazabal

• And tomorrow he’ll change his mind again. He’s already promised this stuff before and then backpedaled. — April Williams

• There is no point in trying to pacify the left. They will never be happy no matter what is done. The president needs to focus on his base and forget about them. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Another day, another lie. Mexico will pay for the wall, I’ll show my taxes, No Russian interference, I’m not racist,…etc. — Cheri Zatko-Coseglia

• Why not require every gun owner to pass a NRA safety class. That is what the NRA used to do. — Pete Sullivan

• Then haul McConnell back in on Monday to pass what the House had long ago proposed, if you truly care! — Mary Claire Krager

• I am hoping to see something specific about removing guns from criminals. — Dave McGuigan

•Good luck with that. — Patty Phillippi Farmer

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