Speak Out: Gun bills blocked

Three controversial gun bills will not be released from committee, meaning they are essentially dead.

The measures, which were discussed before a packed house in the Senate Executive Committee Wednesday, would have prohibited a variety of semi-automatic firearms classified as “assault weapons,” criminalized magazines capable of holding more than 15 rounds and established a permitting process to buy a gun.

• I love how they quote the poll from Everytown USA, which by the way only polled 800 people, surely not a true representation of how most Delawareans feel! I can tell you it is probably the complete opposite with 70% disapproval of any new gun legislation, especially the ones put forth last week. Shall not be infringed! And those who took the oath should certainly not be the ones trying to suppress the Constitution. — Richard Miller

• “It’s surprising, troubling and disheartening to learn that in the Senate Democratic caucus there is a disbelief of scientific polling methodology.” “This is not what Delaware wants,” Sen. Nicole Poore said. “Delaware wants a vote. Delaware wants for us to have the conversation. Delaware wants for us to go through the process, not to hide bills in committee.” This is what out of touch looks and sounds like. Our Constitution prevails once again. — Stacy Johnson

• Thanks to the committee members who opposed these horrible bills and refused to vote them out of committee! — Philip L Puschel

• If they wish to keep their jobsm then stop pushing bad bills such as this. Even most of my left-leaning friends said these bills were a bunch of BS. They saw the writing on the wall and panicked plain and simple. The majority of Delawareans do not support these unconstitutional bills. — Shawn Knox

• Legislators are cowards to the NRA. — Jim Kelley

• What minuscule amount of respect that I had for Sen. Sturgeon, is gone after her Senate testimony this week. The way that any woman could so carelessly dismiss the safety of other women, as “there are other ways” only goes to show her level of incompetency to hold the position she is in. Sen. Sturgeon is/was proposing that the citizens of Delaware surrender some of their constitutional rights and yet she obviously has not even educated herself on every aspect of her own proposed law? It is abundantly clear that she didn’t write this proposed legislation, nor does she even comprehend her own proposed law.

Senator Sturgeon is setting the rights of women back 50 years with her proposed legislation and with her ignorance on the topic of firearms. — Marc Auger

• Make all the laws you want. They are not gonna stop criminals and won’t stop me from having my weapons or guns or whatever you choose to call them to fit your narrative. Don’t worry those that oppose guns. I’ll be by your side protecting you when the government comes after us like the Venezuelan one is doing to their people. — Brady Allen

• Why are you trying to pass these gun laws? It’s not the law-abiding citizens that are the problem! You should bring back the death penalty and make stiff laws when criminals use guns when committing a crime! How hard is that? Get a grip and really do your job that you were elected to do! Is this your easy way out! Enough is enough! — Jude Fisher

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