Speak Out: Gun bills

A Sunday story reported the demise of three gun bills blocked in committee earlier this month has pitted the Democratic Party against an unusual foe: itself.

The Delaware Democratic Party platform calls for “common sense gun safety measures.” But it was Democrats, who control both chambers of the General Assembly, who killed three firearm-related proposals.

Opposition from union members, a traditional Democratic constituency in Delaware, likely played a part in sinking the bills.

• I support common sense gun laws. By common sense, I mean enforcing the laws that are on the books. There’s no reason to pass more laws, when the attorney general won’t prosecute criminals. — Mark Blair

• Age old problem: The laws being pushed won’t stop criminals. — Chris Werner

• Take care of the criminals and the guns will take care of themselves. — John P. Leech

• It isn’t gun control they are pushing for. It’s people control. Democrats, for some reason, find it necessary to control people by making them bend to their will. Republicans are all about limited government, which equates to more freedoms. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Delaware has no common sense! — Tina Husfelt

• None of their proposals showed any “common sense.” In the end, only the criminal would have the guns, but the criminals and politicians are the problem. — Dave Johnson

• These laws would have done nothing to make Delawareans, and schools, safer. Sen. Lawson introduced a bill last year that had potential, but all MDA and “Everytown” want are feel good fluff laws that only affect law-abiding citizens. — Lezlie Eustis

• Any time a politician uses the phrase “common sense” they are either trying to sell you something you don’t need or taking away something they shouldn’t. Here’s proof. Have any of the gun laws signed into law made Delaware safer? No. — Jeffrey Boyer

• Would have been nice if the “First State” was first in common sense gun control. Hope it does not take a bad shooting incident to wake us up. — Elaine Russell Ringler

• “Sen. Townsend, when asked if Senate leadership put too much weight in the opinion of outside protesters at Legislative Hall, replied that the decision not to send the bills to the floor points to that being the case.” Dear Senator Townsend, the “outside” protesters are the voters and I don’t mean to shock you, but you work for us not the other way around. — Bob Skuse

“They claimed at least 70 percent of respondents are in favor of requiring a permit to purchase, restricting magazines of more than 15 rounds and prohibiting ‘military-style assault rifles.’” Really? Perhaps someone should read that carefully. It says “70% of respondents.” If they only mailed their klatch of supporters, that’s sad they couldnt muster more. If they sent it to people like me, we would see the return address, consider it a waste of a stamp, and throw it in with the other garbage. —George Roof

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