Speak Out: Gun control

Readers reacted to a recent commentary headlined “Gun violence demands immediate action.”

• No it doesn’t. Stop with the hyperbole and fear mongering. — Rob Holley

• Anyone that protests the government to take away their rights is a complete fool. Stop watching propaganda and doing/thinking what that talking box in your house tells you to do. — Jon Walczak

• They demand but have no real proposals. — Edwin Donald Anderson

• How about raising liberal children with common sense, eliminate violent video games, TV, movies being they are the ones who are doing the most shooting and killing? How about punishing the person instead of an object? How about making people responsible for their actions instead assisting them with excuses? — Lacey Lafferty

• So how about we actually address the mental health issues by making it so those who need it have access to it and not destroy them financially (we won’t even get into the whole stigma thing) and keep in mind that every other industrialized (“first world”) nation has violent video games and TV shows and movies, so this rhetoric about those things being a root “cause” is nonsense (and there is no clear study that actually supports the contention). — Lacey Lafferty

• Back in the 60s, us young folk were all lumped together as a bunch of dirty, long-haired, Communist, agitators who would never be successful and listeners to rock music. Well, as it turned out, many of these “hippies” became Wall Street brokers and conservative businessmen and they turned out fine. So, not all young people who play video games and watch TV are doing all of this killing, they have no mental health issues and already take responsibility for their actions. — Michael Pearson

• How about admitting that accessibility leads to greater possibilities? — Joe Bernard

• Take away my right to defend myself because some idiots are dysfunctional and you don’t want to address that problem. All you will achieve is to disarm anyone whom chooses to follow the new law and become completely unprotected from criminals and the mentally deranged. — William Jamar

• I never get the “high capacity magazine ban” argument. You can change magazines within seconds. It is a piece of metal with a spring people can make their own. — Clint Brothers

• Common sense and past history tell me that the law-abiding citizen will be defenseless, while the criminal and mental incompetent will still be armed and dangerous. This country will be a perpetual gun-free zone, and we all know how truly safe they are. — Dave Johnson

• Study after study show that most Americans want common sense gun control. But the (mostly) white, male population quakes in fear of the tiny possibility that they “might” be robbed and “might” be home and “might” be able to get to their gun in time to stop an intruder. Meanwhile, a majority of Americans want to ban weapons that only belong in the hands of the military and they cry that they need them for self defense. — Ellen Behringer

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