Speak Out: Gun control

A Sunday story reported that several factors would seem to make conditions in Delaware ripe for gun control. So why does Delaware stand in such sharp contrast to other heavily Democratic East Coast states, including its neighbor Maryland?

An ambitious attempt to place new restrictions on firearms went up in flames earlier this year, sparking outrage on both sides of the issue.

• That whole “shall not be infringed” thing just keeps getting in the way, doesn’t it? — Stacy Johnson

• An individual did not have the perceived right to bear arms until the Supreme Court changed 200 years of interpretation of the Constitution in 2008. — Chris Bruno

• Sheep see that wolves kill with their teeth. In response, sheep have their own teeth pulled. Regardless of the number or strictness of laws, criminals, by definition, do not obey laws. — Chris Wolfe

• This discussion is not about keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. Everyone agrees that criminals will always have access to guns regardless of ownership restrictions. Please don’t dumb down the discussion. The issue is how do we manage to keep guns out of the hands of mass murderers? These individuals are not criminals before committing their atrocities. So how do we protect gun ownership rights while at the same time limiting their accessibility to those who have no business owning any weapon? If you have an opinion on that I’m more than willing to discuss it. — Joe Bernard

• I don’t think it’s dumbing down to be concerned about criminals. According to the CDC, there were 14,415 homicides in 2016. Seventy-one were in mass shootings. I’ve been in law enforcement since 1978 and in all those years I have only taken one legally purchased firearm from a criminal. That was a domestic homicide. — Gregory W. Hammond

• It amazes me that we cannot get universal background checks. It amazes me we can’t get control on 100-round magazines, I can understand, although I don’t agree why banning assault-type weapons is a major issue, but please explain to me how background checks and magazine limits will hinder gun owners in their rights. Please don’t give me the NRA lie that it will lead to taking your guns, and don’t tell me it’s covered under the 2nd Amendment, because there are constraints already in place. — Patrick R. Weaver

• No one is a criminal until they commit a crime. I believe you are a century or more away from affecting criminal gun ownership if you enacted gun control now. I’m not willing to be a test case for any type of gun control.— Doug Drummond

• Sure ban the guns. Then we can just get run over by trucks and stabbed to death like the people over in Europe. Evil will always find a way. No new gun law is going to make you safe. You are responsible for your own safety and nobody else. If you don’t want to own a big scary “assault” weapon, that’s your choice but you don’t get the right to tell somebody else they can’t have one just because you don’t agree with them no more than they have the right to tell you how to live your life. — Brandon Yourkovik

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