Speak Out: Gun control

Readers reacted to a recent Commentary headlined “Gun control is not the answer to stopping gun violence.”:

• Spot on. Makes a person wonder if our government wants the shootings to get worse — 71% plea deals ???? That’s a great place to start. — Jimmy Biggs

• That’s probably because guns don’t commit violence, people do. These types of misleading statements and slogans help to perpetuate willful ignorance to the masses. They believe there is a simple solution to a complex problem. Arbitrary laws to make legal law-abiding gun owners criminals is not the answer. We don’t need a gun solution for a people problem. — Scott Smith

• The Legislature has done nothing to reduce gun crime. They should be directing their efforts towards the facts rather than emotion. That would be common sense gun legislation. — Dave Johnson

• What you don’t realize is that liberals have no interest in common sense anything. Their agenda is to remove your fireams, by force if necessary, and repeal the Second Amendment. Then they’re coming after the First Amendment. They refuse to even have a discussion or debate regarding the topic. — Bob Hice

• I’m sorry but I don’t have much faith in this Democrat-dominated legislature or this governor to do anything that isn’t in lockstep with the socialist DNC. That includes violating their oaths of office and explicitly violating the U.S. and Delaware Constitution. Their main goal is to criminalize honest citizens. How hypocritical is it that the governor walks around with two armed policeman while telling you that you don’t deserve to protect yourself. You certainly can’t go into the Legislative Hall without going through a metal detector with armed guards but they want your house unprotected from the same people they prohibit in their “house”. When a far left Joy Reid remarks that the “rural minority is a threat to our democracy,” concious people should understand the contempt these people have for us. No American patriot should vote to re-elect anyone. — George Roof

• The “feel good” phrase was accurately stated. The only reason these proposals are going forth is because they’re highly visible and are highly sensational, which, as we all know, is what sells papers and keeps the media on the TV all day. — Barbara G. Cool

• The proposed “common sense” gun laws are not common sense in that they only place a burden on honest law-abiding citizens. As pointed out in this opinion piece, criminals and the mentally ill don’t follow the rules of our society. Many of the proposed laws are so asinine that it is hard to believe our legislators could be that ignorant and it raises concerns of what is the true agenda of these laws that only effect the honest citizen.

Like the recent highly touted poll. When you ask a poll question like, “Do you favor background checks that keep firearms out of the hands of violent criminals?,” how do you expect Joe Citizen to respond? The poll was highly biased in the form of its questions. The dishonesty of the anti-gun movement is an affront to the honest citizen. — Jim Price

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