Speak Out: Gun laws

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Lanita Brooks, a Wilmington mother, who lost her son to gun violence. The commentary was headlined “‘Smarter laws’ needed to curb gun violence.”

• I am sorry for this woman’s loss but restricting our 2A rights isn’t going to curb gun violence. — Rob Holley

• Criminals do not obey the law!!! Quit trying to screw with our 2nd amendment! — Jennifer Lawson

• So, gun owners, I have a question. Are you against the mentally ill and people with domestic violence convictions having legal access to firearms? Just curious. — John Anderson

• Yup and there are laws in place for that already. Yet they still manage to get them. Ever hear of guns being purchased off the street, coming from other countries and states? Happens every day all day long. Google it, we will wait right here. Ever hear of Fast and Furious? Daily occurrence in this country in every state including Delaware. — Richard Miller

• We already have universal background checks in Delaware. That law was supposed to be the solution to end shootings. — Lou Bialota

• There are enough laws on the books but they’re not enforced. The boy who pled guilty in this situation had 19 charges dropped so he could get a plea deal. So the killer will do 20 years. Neither the law-abiding citizen nor the gun is the problem. The problem is the criminals ignoring the law, and the State failing to enforce it. — Dave Johnson

• Sorry for this lady’s loss but passing more laws that only affect law abiding citizens and does nothing to address the criminals who break those laws will do absolutely nothing. With Delaware’s AG soft stance on crime and the Democratic-controlled legislature decriminalizing laws left, right, and center it’s only going to get worse for citizens.

If Delaware lawmakers want to get serious about reducing gun crime (or crime in general) then pass laws to get the gang bangers off the streets, put more police in Wilmington and Dover and actually let them do their jobs, hold schools and parents accountable if their kids are failing in school or becoming bullies and a burden, and lastly work on getting good-paying jobs and offer employers tax breaks to invest in these poorer neighborhoods and provide those jobs.

Let’s stop pretending that law-abiding gun owners are the problem. We all know the majority of gun crimes in this state are ordinary hand guns not assault weapons or rifles and the overwhelming majority of these crimes are fueled by drugs and gangs. Target the criminals, not the innocent people. — Shawn Knox

• So you know that SB 82 would save lives. Really? We already have gun laws, do the criminals follow them? Nope. Have you ever tried to purchase a firearm or get a CCDW? Guessing Nope! Firearms and training are wonderful things — please look into them. — Howard Gaines III

• Deal with criminals severely. — John P. Leech

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