Speak Out: Gun storage bill

The Delaware Senate on Wednesday passed in modified form a bill that would make “unsafe” storage of a firearm a crime. Because senators attached an amendment to it, the measure now goes to the House, which approved it in March.

House Bill 63 would expand the existing offense of unlawfully permitting a minor access to a firearm, turning it into a much broader one based off allowing someone who is younger than 18 or prohibited from having a gun due to a felony conviction, a mental illness or a court order to acquire a loaded firearm.

• How about tripling the jail time for folks who steal a firearm, use a stolen firearm, or have in their possession a stolen firearm in the commission of a felony — real legislation. — Howard Gaines III

• How about just prosecuting them under the existing laws? That would be a novel change in policy in and of itself.— B.K. Smith

• Congratulations to our legislators. Thus far they have successfully taken rights away from law-abiding citizens. The Democrats’ agenda. To all of my Democratic friends, it will only take time to tick off moderate Democrats when they take away rights they support. Rights are rights as defined. Political agendas on both sides only hurt common sense thinking and law-abiding citizens. Wake up, vote out party-dedicated politicians and get some people in that work together with their constituents’ wishes in mind. If not, don’t complain. — Bob Aellis

• Wont be long before guns are just flat out banned. They really are coming for your guns. One model at time they will be banned, restricted or licensed out until nobody except police, military and security contractors have them (as well as affluent collectors that have cooler friends than you). Those of you who refuse to turn over your now illegal gun will be met with deadly force by men who swore an oath to the Constitution right before they put on their badge to kick your door in with guns blazing. This is the future of gun owners in America. Do I like it? Do I support it? Absolutely not. — Justin Neal Capps

• Pointless and unenforceable.— Willy Beal

• Unenforceable how? If your gun is stolen you have to report it. — David Scott

• Oh good, another completely useless gun law that will have zero impact on crime but another burden for the lawful citizen. Great job Delaware Democrats, you’ve accomplished nothing again — as usual! On the bright side, only 29% of the gun crimes are prosecuted so if someone is charged here, then you have a 71% chance of walking free away. — Marc Auger

• I am willing to bet that the gun crime against the perpetrator will be dropped while the gun owner will be prosecuted. — Tony DeFeo

• We need to remind these people that this is still supposed to be America! — Hilary Ennis

• Children under 18 are allowed to hunt. How can a child hunt without a loaded firearm? — Kim Taylor

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