Speak Out: Gun storage

A House committee on Wednesday released to the full chamber legislation that would make unsafe storage of a firearm a crime.

Currently, state law contains a Class B misdemeanor called unlawfully permitting a minor access to a firearm, applicable when an individual under age 18 obtains a loaded gun that was “intentionally or recklessly” stored or left out and uses it to seriously injure someone.

House Bill 63 would expand that offense, turning it in a much broader one based off allowing a minor or an unauthorized person to acquire a loaded gun.

• So when will folks step up the “bill” game and triple the jail time for anyone who uses a stolen firearm or one not registered to them and in the commission of a felony? — Howard Gaines III

• There are plenty of charges that carry long incarceration if they are prosecuted. Keep in mind that Kathy Jennings was voted in as the new attorney general, and immediately authored policy memos in favor of probation over incarceration and limiting charges brought in an indictment. She ridiculously referred to that as over-charging. No one should be surprised, as she ran far to the left of mainstream Delawareans concerning criminal justice issues. She was fully on board with the myth of mass incarceration, and pushed hard for the no cash bail narrative. So everyone that voted for her has no standing to complain. — Chuck Connors

• This bill is going to give people a false sense of security. Irresponsible people will still continue to be irresponsible. Its just a nice feel good piece so yet again the Dems can say: “Hey look we’re doing something” They’ll have a nice bill signing ceremony with cameras and everyone will clap. But it won’t change anything. — Clint Brothers

Because they don’t actually care about Wilmington. They point to Parkland as a reason to take “action” and are completely out of touch with the cause of gun violence in our own state. — ToriAnn Parker

• Things minors can get hands on that can cause harm, fatality or addiction. Motor vehicles, forks, off road ATV, prescription pills, alcohol, McDonald’s, Burger King, table sugar, gun, Starbucks. — Lorne Breasure

• Will they apply the same logic to car keys “intentionally or recklessly stored” should a minor steal the car and cause injuries or death? — Brian W. Robbins

• They might want to look at nail guns and power tools in everyone’s basement shops. When will we have to register all nail guns? Here we go again, spending our money on these minor bills when we have a major opioid epidemic and crime spree in Delaware. Shameful. — Dave McGuigan

• So they want us to lock our guns up and away, then in the event we have a criminal enter our homes, our firearms would then be locked up and not easily accessible to protect ourselves and our family. — Amanda Russum

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