Speak Out: Harmon not going to White House

Caesar Rodney High graduate and New England Patriots safety Duron Harmon said Monday that he won’t be joining his teammates for the traditional Super Bowl winner’s trip to the White House:

• Can I go in his place for the McDonald’s buffet? — Christian Orendorf

• Why can’t he be an NFL football player and a role model and not visit the White House? Oh, because he feels differently than you do? Got it. Proud of you Duron, even though I hate the Pats and if it were me I’d be visiting the White House. — Leighann Newman Hinkle

• I would have liked for him to give a reason why he doesn’t want to go. What he said sounds more like he’s more worried about keeping it real instead of giving us some perspective on how he feels this country is not being run to his liking. — Will Freeman

• Wearing cleats that are painted for Autism Awareness, in honor of his nephew, makes him a role model. — Ashley Slaughter Newman

• I think it’s time White House celebrations came to an end anyway, they are a waste of taxpayer money anymore. — Jason Jeandell

• It’s sad that he believes that the White House doesn’t want him there. I guess he missed all the other black groups that have been invited and attended and instead believed the liberal fake news that Trump is a racist. It does make sense but it’s his loss. — Scott Berry

• Mocking someone’s ethnicity is bigotry. My favorite example to use — since I know Trump supporters got a kick out of every time Donny said it — is his calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” in efforts to mock her Native American heritage. Whether you want to admit it or not, whether you choose to defend it or not, that is bigotry.— Ian Kowalewski

• I hope people don’t think that he represents Delaware. — Kevin McCarthy

• Sometimes you have to do things you don’t wanna do. The team is going. — Beth Ball Bailey

• Way to go Duron and the rest of the Patriots. I wouldn’t go either. Glad you aren’t afraid to decline the offer. — Michelle Tompkins Toro

• He was asked a question and he gave an answer. Why are people so rude? — Reggie Shelton

• That’s a shame because that is a great opportunity. I’m willing to bet he is as misinformed as your average person that doesn’t like the guy. It’s funny actually because i bet if you asked 100 people why they don’t like Trump, 99 of them could not give you a factually correct answer for a reason. People are sheep and do what the internet/social media tell them to do. His loss. — Jason Knight

• Wow. What an honor it would be to visit the White House and meet the POTUS — no matter who it is!Can I go in his place? I don’t care about food or what political party has the position. I would just love the experience! — Jennifer Weaver

• I wouldn’t go either. More people want to visit Obama even though he’s no longer POTUS. But he was the best POTUS of the last 100 years. — Jim Coleman

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